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Nerines are looking fabulous. Great Autumn flower. 👩🏼‍🌾

We have reached 5k followers so we are now doing a little happy dance and want to giveaway a €50 hamper with a bottle of any of our products (your choice) and two Galway Crystal tumblers! Just RT to enter 🕺

It was not a good idea to use the children in this way.They do not have the emotional maturity to process the damage done to their homes.

I know she’s one of many in the same situation, but maybe you might have followers in Wexford who could help this girl and & family out?. Her call will probably be on the podcast later if you want to listen back.

“Three of Stock’s four fellow professors of philosophy at Sussex told me that they supported her academic freedom, but none would say so publicly” Thankfully others are less craven. Thank you for covering this shocking situation

I find the treatement of this woman utterly apalling.The bullying she is experiencing seems utterly bizarre,coming from people who are saying that they are bullying her because they perceive her as bullying them.What way is this to behave?They do their cause a great disservice!

Madness. If I had to follow a 100% emotional reaction, I would probably stay where I am now and not flying back...

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Yesterday a woman died in the system of Direct Provision leaving 3 kids without a mother. We are lost for words how a person can flee their country and come to Ireland to be incarcerated to death in Direct Provision. If Ireland stand for Human Rights then Abolish Direct Provision

Brilliant news that the Queen of England will not be attending this Church event in Armagh.They can fire away now without either head-of -State.Perhaps politicans Coveney and Barrett will have the wit to realise that they should stay at home fr this religious event too. too.

This is an astonishing piece of information.Thankyou.The sheer dishonesty of Shatner & the billionaire,in not even mentioning Dr Mai Jamison, is galling.Women are still invisible( & nowadays they are trying to take the name WOMAN fr us too )

I regret our Govs decision to attention a religious commemoration of Partition,ironically organised byChurches who dont recognise partition in their own organisations.If the churches cared,all our children would be educated together& not in their segregated schools

NOT "Higgins controversy" Its a religious event to commemorate partition& reconciliation by anti-partitionists,who run segregated schools.They are trying to grasp significance in a growing secular Ireland.They say it's not political.Then why is Simon Coveney going?

What is the purpose of exporting animals live?

What's new about this.50yrs ago we had a motion to Labour Party Conference to stop live export of animals.We have deep litter hens,pigs & calves,who never see the light of day in Ireland too,which should stop. How can any enviornmentalist/humanitarian stay in this Government?

There’s a lad is Cork who is called “Chili”, because his father’s name is Con Kearney.

Daniel O Donnell has a great sense of humour!!

This is awful, can we not just let people live in peace and stay here