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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

DJ: So we're gonna listen to old school all the way there? ME: Maybe.. DJ: *Rolls eyes. Silence* DJ: Let me get this right.. He named himself Kool and his band The Gang??? Ugh... ME: *Rolls eyes. Silence* MUSINGS

Don’t sleep on tonight’s new episode of (directed by ). It’s a game changer! Major revelation 🚀

Congratulations Dodgers!!!!! Between the Dodgers and the Lakers respective wins, Los Angeles has a lot to celebrate! So celebrate tonight LA!!! VOTE tomorrow.

This Sunday come join me and this "Pretty Bird"!!!

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I'll be doing a panel, meet&greets, one on ones, autographs and I'll also be recording some videos for you. Part of the profits from my sales will go to the charity ‘ Gregory Lemarchal’ that raises funds to help people with cystic fibrosis.

Hi everyone ! I will be attending the Dream It At Home 4 virtual convention on Sunday, October 4th! Come join me and Katie Cassidy from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world!

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Happy Father’s Day to ALL the Fathers! ’sDayDad

Now imagine this was your son or your daughter saying these words lying in a street, hands tied behind their back with another humans' knee pressed against their throat. How would you feel?

I’m going to be drinking so much more coffee now thanks to the folks at

10% of all proceeds will benefit the Red Cross and their worldwide efforts in the battle against the coronavirus. Stay safe everyone!

One sec, everyone !

Instagram live tomorrow at 1pm PST, who’s in?

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