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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Here's lots of places you can listen to our new single La Maïr.

Spotify is taking a page out of Apple Music's book with the announce that DJ mixes are now starting to roll out on its platform in select countries

Say hi to and give them a follow and some twitter love. 😀💕🎶 They are an electronic musician and songwriter, now living on Guernsey and new to twitter.

This path is also 'ok' Sadly does lead to the boat home though. Boo.

The Dark Outside 2021 list if you recognise the titles in quotes, let me know as I couldn't find a name to go with these.

I declare this path to be 'ok'

if your distributor says you can’t use lower case letters show them this

Heya! I just posted a new episode of our Mixcloud show! We've got a bunch of fantastic music from some really talented people. Check it out when you can, I hope it finds you well! 'Ambient Music for Ambient People 23: Pineapples'

Just a quick question for “The Boards of Canada”: if music is math, as you claim, why doesn’t it do my taxes? 😐 I’ll wait.

I have two albums coming up this autumn in Oct & Nov would be great to put a small tour together, any venues &/or promotors interested in working with me on this? You can see my performance skills on these series of improvisations on my YouTube channel

Great view from the Northern Line this afternoon.

Bert just realised that there's only two days left to send something in for the Dark Outside

Hey Count, how many days until The Dark Outside starts ?

Help me out / help big up serious talent. Which young writers are doing the deep dive stuff on dance / electronic / soundsystem music? I know lots doing great reportage, but who is doing more philosophical, personal, even poetic writing on the culture please?

I'm at an airport!

Lost 3 followers on Instagram, gained two here. Go Thomas!

Have just sent something to for the next broadcast, hopefully they aren't full already. Have left it pretty late......

This video of my friend's Thomas The Deathstar lost me followers on Instagram....... Will Twitterers like it more?

A florist can only arrange a bouquet of cut flowers because generations of plants and trees have allowed the florist to live and progress to that point in time. Similarly, we imagine musicians composing sound into music, when in fact sound has composed those musicians.