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[Girls Planet 999] Behind Photos | The Scenes of the FINAL LIVE ① The Thrilling Announcement Moments of the Debut Group 'Kep1er'🎙️ We Ask for Your Great Love and Support towards the Future of 'Kep1er' 💜

B Girl siêu hot ♨️ SaiGon Sinh năm 2001 Số đo 1m65 50kg ba vòng 92-68-93 Dethuong, skill giỏi, bj tốt , phục vụ được đánh giá 100% Khu vực : Bình Thạnh và lân cận Nhận solo lân cận sau dịch nha mn . Thông tin liên hệ

Silly girl!

Girls, I really really like you.

If a girl is smiling and is bringing positive ener $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ •ﻜٕوِدٓ• نمشي KM11 KM11

uptown girls are smiling !

they were the best cell in girls planet 999 💔

this is like a type of group friends in campus the girl crush the chaotic

once again, the global it girl is globing

the girl of my dreams

kang yeseo from kep1er gp999 girls planet 999 dancing to hula hoop by loona meme edit video

SOMI, OH MY GIRL YooA and ATEEZ Yunho to reportedly emcee the '2021 Super Concert in Daegu' happening October 31 Source:

The top 4 j girls 😭😭😭

ATEEZ Yunho will be one of the MCs for 'SBS 2021 Super Concert in Daegu' with Jeon Somi and YooA Oh My Girl

211028 🐰💬 NY: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I see that the girls have asked about merch ㅋㅋㅋㅋ NY: but still, tell me.....

it girls of korea ✅ given the nations title ✅ having the best personality ✅ cf queens for more than a decade ✅ timeless beauty ✅ member of honor society ✅ unproblematic queens ✅ successful kdrama & music career ✅ talented asf ✅ the holy trinity, SUZY  IU  YOONA

Kim Bora was the 1-pick of Girls Planet 999’s PD-nim Kim Shin Young He was quoted in an interview saying the following:

(Cracks a Bud Light) Yup, 80's Magical Girls were pretty badass.

guys gossip just the same as girls, but men they dnt register it as gossip, its seen as being honest, raw, keeping it real, etc, but when its girls it's often understood as being two faced, hypocritical or fake, mean, etc.

2 months after the release😂 I smell sth...fishy fishy😂 is hot and cool at the same time btw😎 The Global IT Girl😎

To the one who degrade jonaxx's profession, may I remind you that teachers are the ones who makes all the professions possible. Walang doktor, walang abogado, walang flight attendant, etc. kung walang guro. Teacher Jonah, best girl! ❤