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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

fans! The world’s biggest pop stars team up with the President of South Korea exclusively on GMA – and it’s AMAZING! Watch tomorrow morning at 7am on ABC.

There was something special about last night’s show in Cuyahoga Falls. Thank you for an amazing night in Ohio!

Rohit gifted his signed MI gloves to him man!! This is so amazing pls 🥺❤️

Ok so I decided to repost this again in hope of you possibly seeing it. I’m almost positive you won’t but if you do I hope you like it. Have an amazing day/night!

Verissimo you’re doing amazing canim💙

We are nothing without our amazing crews— they get in the earliest, leave the latest, and work the hardest in between. I STAND WITH IATSE ❤️

Dynamite took 209 days to reach double platinum Butter took 126 days to reach double platinum That’s a HUGE amount of growth in a short amount of time 💜 & are amazing 👏👏👏

she got Leonardo DiCaprio Shakira Lady Gaga to sign, thats literally amazing i-

🐱 Catto is raring to go!!🐱 Introducing the one who made these amazing graphics, our cute and favorite cat, !!! There were some technical difficulties yesterday with posting so expect the rest today!

Good morning, Toradachi!! I dreamt that I was still streaming Zero Escape and figuring out puzzles with you all!! I hope everyone was able to get a good amount of rest in! Today’s Thursday!! We are getting close to the end of the week!! Let’s keep it up! Have an amazing day☺️🐯❄️

such a beautiful creature. the intricacy of her feathers is amazing.

Thank you for this amazing day!

i’m worried about hen’s med school like obviously it’s an amazing thing for her but i don’t want her to leave the team it’s gonna be weird

l definitely need to talk about the vfx for rachel’s powers like i’m not over it, they look amazing

I'm so happyyyy, it's amazing

KISSES AND KICKS has arrived to quarantined. Saved with the help of our amazing supporters and her breeder. A awful fate avoided. Thank you to everyone that helped save this girl and allowed her to get a second chance. You guys are beyond amazing.

(Journalist hat OFF for this tweet) I really hope have a secret visit Settlement like Princess Diana did. My Auntie Verona gave Diana a tour of their facilities in 1989. Henry Street does such amazing work & deserves the spotlight!

Idk how to describe her, cuz she's fvcking amazing million dollars performance

Hope can mean something different to everyone. It doesn’t have to mean that you feel like everything is going to be amazing right away, but it’s about building belief in yourself that things can get better 💚

So amazing as expected my favorite singer