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Jessica William

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210929 chaestival_ IG story update CY’s mom: I love you our daughter 💜💚🤍🤎 I don’t know which color you like so I’m sending several of them~~^^!!😊 CY: I like white caption: I love you mommy🤍

from “bae” to “blocked” a true love story

THE WAY HE PUT YUDE'S ART AS HIS BANNER SO FAST !!! his whole twitter is cb, I love them so so so much


jimin's reaction to yoongi singing My Love By My Side #1 🐥 ... i think you can stop here

Love like a butterfly🦋it goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes🦋🌿✨ ⭐

it is okay to show flaws, because after all they’re humans too… i’m sure all the girls feel the same way… perfectionists who always wants to show luvies their cooler side but i really hope they know that we’ll always love them 😔😔

: we always fall in love with the things we can't have.

Bcoz of the event today, jisoo proved to us that she don’t need to be fluent in every language just to be understand by others,being herself,being confident and beautiful inside and out gain so much love & support and we all see it TODAY. JISOO AT DIOR SHOW

Seulgi, please know that we love you, respect you, support you and understand you. Do what makes you happy and share the things you are comfortable with. It’s okay and you are really really doing a great job. You are such a hard worker and we are very proud of you 💛

[210929] chaeyeon updated her instagram stories [texts with her mom] 🌻ma : "i love you my daughter 💜💚🤍🤎 i don't know which color you like most so i sent many~~^^!!! 😊" chaeyeon : "white for me" chaeyeon's caption : "i love you mommy 🤍"

Jisoo leaving Dior's SS 2022 Show at Paris Fashion Week. You will always be famous jisoo kim!!! She looked so happy, she deserve all the love in this world 🥺💜 JISOO AT DIOR SHOW

Why I love Studio, one of the reason is when Host Yun Hao had said that XZ studio staff protected him. they made a cocoon around him alto protect from all negative things

Ah! Two milestones?! Thank you everyone for the love and support! It means a lot to this shy white tiger! 🥺 Now, I’m not sure what to do as a celebration for these milestones… If you have an idea, please leave a comment and I’ll look through! Thank you 💜🐯❄️

more reason to love xiao zhan studio: rmbr in 18/10/20 xiao zhan posted this .....exquisite video and xiao zhan studio came so fast to rescue their boss's image? XZS's caption: baggage picker is here🤭

🦌Happy 700days FIXs 🥰😍 Happy 800days CIX!! I have some filming today so I didn't came today Sleep well!!! I will go to ur dreams:) I love you a lot I will upload the 700days selfie for you 🥺💞

Tomorrow is my dream flight for USA 🇺🇲😍 Today I want to spend whole night with my brother's ( buddies) ❤️ I will miss my buddies and the golden memories alot. Now it's party time. One last song in my voice 😌Love y'all ❤️

ik its not a new thing for me to say but i love them i love them so much and they deserve all the success in this whole world