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Sana: Hey Girl~ Hey

20/10 có anh nào tặng quà em không ạ...

November is coming you know what that means Its Bird girls season Harpies best waifu deck of all time:)

Night at the beach with my girls! ❤️

the only thing i experience jealousy with on beyoncé’s green earth is naturally clear skin. girl fuck y’all.

BEST-SELLING DEBUT/FIRST ALBUM BY GIRL GROUP ON GAON 1. ‘Savage’ — 513,292 copies 2. BLACKPINK ‘SQUARE UP’ — 411,236 copies 3. IZ*ONE ‘COLOR*IZ’ — 282,816 copies 4. Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI ‘Monster’ — 233,162 copies

Best selling SM Entertainment albums (Girl Groups) 1. S.E.S. Love (1999) - 760k 2. S.E.S. Sea & Eugene & Shoo (1998) - 652k 3. S.E.S. I'm Your Girl (1997) - 650k 4. S.E.S. A Letter From Greenland (2000) - 635k 5. Savage (2021) - 513k 🆕

[] 💌The Final Interview from the Participants has Arrived💌 ▼Check the Final Interview▼ NAVER TV &lt;Girls Planet 999 : The Girls Saga> : … YouTube <Mnet K-POP> : 10.22 (Fri) Final at 8 PM (KST)

ok, but props to the girls for being professional and not laughing with all that happening around them lmao

one thing about the R&B girls, they’ll give you a legendary self-titled album

. is now the best-selling debut album and the first half million-seller by a girl group on Gaon history. 🔥🔥🔥

. joins BLACKPINK, TWICE & IZ*ONE as the the only girl group to surpass 500,000 copies sold with at least 1 album on Gaon.

[CALLING ALL JENSETTERS] Jennie Global Union and Xiaoting Fanbases have united in support of and Girls Planet 999 contestant . USE when voting and streaming.

SUPER JUNIOR x Girls Planet 999 SU RUQUI Collaboration E.L.F we have decided to collab with & in terms of voting and streaming. We are looking forward for both parties to participate and cooperate with each other. More details in the photo!

from this: to this: -kycines are proud of u, our golden girl

🎟️ FREE Votes Giveaway 🎟️ AAA VOTING AWARDS SM Girl Group (2nd qualifying) 15 🎫 winner of poll 10 🎫 most fandom rt&like our 📌 = Total of 25 tickets 🎫

girl expressions are truly iconic

She looks so pretty!!! Next IT girl, Kim Suyeon! Let's Debut!!!

MNET has released final interviews from each of the girls on Youtube! The finale is really about to happen!!!!!!! No subtitles yet!

"You might find a nice girl to be miserable with" 🖤 ig: candylion.cos 📷:

aespa being the 1st and ONLY girl group to become half-million sellers with their debut album in kpop’s history. they’re so crazy. 😭


Who is Bahiyyih?? Huening Bahiyyih (휴닝바히에), 17 years old, is an independent trainee and a contestant on Girls Planet 999! Make sure to vote for her on the universe app!