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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I'm a little late on this, but these Olympic reactions never get old. Here's South Africa's Tatjana Schoenmaker after winning a gold medal & realizing she broke the world record in the women's 200m breaststroke. Amazing 🙏

These 3 characters were the standouts for me, all of them were amazing


These covers by Spaz are beautiful. Both were inked by Nelson Ribeiro, 130's was colored by Josh and Aimee Ray, and 134 colored by Jason Jensen. Also issue 134's cover conveys Sally's emotions more gracefully than the art inside. Also, love the Amazing Spider-Man issue 50 homage.

honestly, i never had seen such a craze, omgggggg this girl is amazing b*tch ! i freaking love her dedication, transformation, & the way she inspires me specially, today idk why am so proud on her, i never stan her but proudly & truly she is my idol.

we've lost a soldier this afternoon 😞, one that shall not be forgotten for his amazing character on our screens 😭 May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace 💔🕊

thx he is amazing =)

What an amazing day it was with , and the students of Graceland. Thank you for supporting our brand .

It was an amazing day 💕

These two are bundles of talent. Waooh amazing, Whitemoney and Liquorose are untapped diamonds ready to imprint their stars in our hall of fame after d show 👏👏

Beautiful story..... An outstanding acting....nice songs... These housemates are amazing

Today is a day for all of us to join for such an amazing honour. We are so happy for you . Always continue to be yourself. That is how you inspire others. So proud of you.

My people, After that amazing performance Who deyyyyy?

Amazing how this guy still has a job.

I have to hand it to my book club. This month’s book of the month was amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

luka is so beautiful. astonishing. amazing. 100/10.

Harry Styles is amazing and very intelligent , also has an incredible voice, I love him so much.

to the cast of hsmtmts: you did amazing babies love u so much so proud of all u talented amazing humans to the writers: im literally under all your beds

bts is 7 bts is seven bts is talented bts is amazing bts paved the way

i loved that episode so much thank you for inspiring me every day and making my life better with your music! i am who i am today thanks to you and i am so grateful! you guys are amazing!!