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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Look out in the crowd! On this day in 2007, made history, belting six sixes in an over 💥

for inkigayo today! We’ll get a look at his tattoo again 👀

these look so cute tho ✨✨

just imagine this happened before the pandemic, look how scared they're back then... and now the situation is even worst...please respect bts privacy...stop treating them like this...

I know I've been busy with tales but look at my latest Miru WIP

Had a fun night at Full Moon's Steampunk night! Look at all these cuties!

And look at the numbers here. The Career fans eating up the song. While you lot..... just complain

the power of this shot possesses is immaculate, just look at those visuals 😳

Look at what the "remastering" crew at Archie did to this cover. It's a reference to War Games, but they sucked out all the atmosphere from the war room setting. You look at the war room in War Games, it's dark and only illuminated by machines.

anyway bitty has once again done the lord's work of making my face look fuckin immaculate so uuhhh if y'all want makeup pls comm her in our server

grabee u look so good togetherr 😭 Remarkable DONBELLEonASAP

210919 | Jared Grimes Instagram Update with & Swing Kids team. “Happy International Dance Day 🎉❤️” They all look so adorable & happy. Kyungsoo looks so handsome. I think it’s my first time seeing this photo ㅠㅠ

The moon (and Jupiter, if you look really closely) looks spectacular behind the clouds tonight.☁️🌖☁️

how can someone look this good

look at this fucked up teapot

u look like a movie, u sound like a song

my ass would look 10x better if there were bruises and marks all over it