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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I think one of the reasons we love ESAM so much is that we can't help but see ourselves in him. It's something about his raw vulnerability, his passion for competition, and the fact that his skull is so perfectly luminescent that we can literally see ourselves in its reflection.

Tony & Buddha holding up the race to hug each other and then getting kicked. Fjjfjf I love them 🥺

Nicki Minaj & Young Thug are credited as lead artist on Elton John’s “Always Love you”.

Finally got my name on a building 🙏🏽 I’ll never forget where I came from and I know exactly where I’m headed. Appreciate all the love!

happy catra and anxious adora !!! i’ve been watching she-ra too much but i love these two

LeBron: "I love the group that we put together this summer. I love the growth of the guys that's coming back." (via )

‼️‼️ you can still love genshin and still call out mihoyo for censoring the player base ‼️‼️

Our First Love ❤ Piano ✏💫

《 i love the way rainbow dash just always tries to cheer fluttershy up 🥺 》

Love is only for the brave. And Harry and Louis, are fucking brave🏳️‍🌈

Infinite - Man In Love

cheol black hair era??? yes i definitely love it 🤩

i love berries and cream

I stan BTS 👑 Not only a member Remember if u r solo stan , u r not allowed in this Fandom 🖤 WHEN YOU LOVE ALL SEVEN MEMBERS - you are an ARMY💜Love to each nd every member 💜 Solo stans - just get out from our Fandom -ARMY 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Next time we fuck ion wanna fuck I wanna make love!

14years to 💕 thank you for the love and support..I am where I am all thanks to you guys

GUYS DON'T ATTACK HONKAI. even if it's from the same company, the team there ACTUALLY cares about the player base. they even let their banners and everything on patch in advance, u can see their live streams and see how much dedication and love they put. PLEASE DON'T

Just now, on 23rd Street: Guy: Hey - aren’t you…? Me: (nod with great humility) Guy: Colin, I knew it! Love the show! Me: (nod with great humility)

I’m very much in a good headspace right now, if you’d like a small, personal audio, I would love to read for you. 💖 DM me a few lines & I will be working on this today. Posting publicly would 100% be your choice, uploads to soundgasm. SFW, no direct IRL names. Rainy BG SFX ⛈