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Jessica William

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Aigoo~ OP thought chaeryeong is itzy's maknae, and look at the real maknae reacts to this 🤣

everybody look at taehyun holding hands w the kid down the stairs and then helping him clean his hands

Biden's approval rating is under water now, but look at how he compares to Trump. Biden's low is Trump's highest 4-year high.

look mom im like marsha :)

ly Hey baby, won't I can be your you look my way? new addiction

User ayesha.singh19 posted.😆 Shower her with love. Ayeshians/sai stans, it's a win for us. Look at the class. It's even reflecting on these photos. She's majestic in pink! 💗

sanha's arm accidentally hit(?) mj's head (or was it the other way around bc excited mj LOL) look at how sanha held mj's head after CRIES

Lee Minhyuk’s Instagram update!🖤✨ He does look like someone who I will never have.😌

please Look at karl. i appreciate him. he’s near and dear to me

Just look at this baby being so cute 🥺

look at how cute we are <3

look at him being all fine and shit

They talk about Modiji posing for Cameras, guys Lavanasur giving Bhagat Singh ji a 360° look


you jungkook is gonna look armys straight in the eyes ☹️

And it keeps getting better and better!!! There's a lot to look forward to before 2021 wraps up. 😉

During the ABC news interview when they were talking about the possibility of performing in front of ARMY in person again .. it seems like they already knew about the live stage Look at Taehyung’s legs 😂 his face can hold it in but his body can’t

U win..we smile..u look beautiful..we smile..u celebrate ..we smile..u do masti..we smile..u look happy..we hope u continue doing all these to make us smile..and we keep praying so that u keep smiling..becoz ur smile makes our day PEENE LAGE HO OUT NOW

Guys someone said I look like a dilf???

Here we present the alignment of stars at the exact time and place of birth of Sam Vishal, 22 years ago. Everytime when he look at this photo frame , may it remind him how the stars aligned for the birth of a precious soul 😇