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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Fluffy hair, don’t care. TGIF Twitterers! 😘

Have a good night Twitterers!

Good morning lovely Twitterers! 😀 It’s . Give me a follow and I’ll follow you back 🇪🇺

Easy run 😍 and it actually did feel easy today.. Happy Friday twitterers

Attention; Attention!! Weekend has landed!! I repeat; has landed!! 😎 Holy Moley, I am SO glad it's !! Have a all you awesome Twitterers. 🌞😊 Oh, and Good Morning!! ☕️😃

After 28 (continuous) years of being a student, I'm done. Distinguished Twitterers, I present to you Dr. Nonhlanhla Sharon Mkumbuzi, clinician-scientist to female African athletes.

Twitterers, how do you get yourselves back on the writing wagon after a Bad Day?

hello twitterers

hello twitterers i am currently tweeting this from my new phone 👍👍

Fellow botanical twitterers!! Please comment below with your botany talks. I'd love to pump up your research and make sure to get talks on my schedule!

Good Morning Twitterers How are we all

goodnight twitterers! 😊

Top of the Morning Twitterers

For all my lovely Twitterers

Some gardening people use the 🌱 emoji in their profile name, it just helps to identify them as gardening twitterers. Other than that, I can suggest the use of hashtags, or tag in someone who frequently retweets gardening posts.

Good morning twitterers. Today I would like to propose a new initiative. MAHA: Make America HEALTHY Again. Yes, there will be hats, with safe washable reusable masks attached.

Good morning twitterers. Even with all those other dogs I’ve been spending time with and posting pictures, she’s just the best girl.

I know Twitterers in their 70s and 80s. I'm in my sixties. It's one of those "it depends" things. I know Facebook is regarded as Grandad's social media, but there's a lot of porosity between platforms.

Good night Twitterers, see you all in the morning