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Jessica William

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im getting emo thinking about how much minhyun has grown up not just as an amazing artist but also as a model and an actor. proud of him always ‹𝟹

First 5 games of the last season : Messi - 1 goal Ronaldo - 6 goals They:"Messi's finished" End of the season Messi - 38 goals Ronaldo - 36 goals That's why I am not worried yet 🙂

amazing saturday playing almost the whole ateez discography and knetz searching them up on melon. yes, wake up, keep it coming 😁

Just watched ! A heartfelt tale of love that delivers a strong message! Amazing performances by and . at his best yet again!! Congratulations on the success :)

Read through his tweets... You will get to know who the real RaQ is.. An amazing human RAQESH WON HEARTS

all these ateez songs on amazing saturday i love it love it

Amazing saturday is insanely popular in sk everything they mention there trends on melon and even wooyoung and san were expecting great attention to ateez from gp after this show so yeah, its probably the best domestic promo we can get

The Amazing Spider-Man

san dancing his way back to his seat (2021) ATEEZ AMAZING SATURDAY

thanks mew for having bunch of amazing talent. his voice is good! didn't do lipsync, his voice is getting more stable each performances, songs he wrote r amazing. if he can't sing then i can't defend him on this bird app so THANK U MEW 😭 MEW FEEL FAN

Gotta love these new hairstyles by NePoLaBo!!!! That 5th Gen bond is always amazing to see. 🌿🎪🍑❄️

Most memorable encounter with the fans is the concert in Manila. They really miss performing in front of the audience. They have mentioned how amazing the blue ocean is. GDAYEveryday With SB19

Really sorry guys but i wont be joining in Portugal this time but i’m so excited for the day i step foot in this beautiful country and get to meet all my amazing Portuguese fans.❤️

Holy shit. sounds absolutely amazing.

her red hair looks so amazing ❤️

wait a minute…we started rising on 🧞‍♂️ after 6h, as soon as ateez started charting on melOn search time because of amazing saturday…is this…knetz bringing in new ULs so we are rising…WHAT IF ?!??

Artistic impression of the Kibuli pedestrian bridge looks so amazing, this will improve on the traffic flow and reduce accidents. The good news is that the First batch of steel components for the pedestrian bridge at Kibuli junction has been off loaded at site.

amazing saturday even play feeling like i do ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ