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I ❤️food. What food makes you excited?

[MISC] 210916 Momoland Jane mentions on IG Live She said a lot of comments are about Lippie. She’s a dongsaeng who she adores a lot. They went to eat good food yesterday. She also said they match well because they have the same MBTI.

Will miss these food warriors

Woman eating fast-food hamburger bites into rotting human finger

taeil sent food support for doyoung musical 🥺 it’s decaf americano and the label reads “please look at our doyoungie favorably🤗🥺💕

wooyoung said that the reason why he makes so much food for seonghwa is because his reaction is really good, and seonghwa eats it really well which makes him happy

when he went he would do everything except eat oysters or eat food he’s allergic to 😭😭 poor bb is about to go all in for us 🥺

Me when I touch that nasty piece of food in the dish water.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope your day fulfilled with happiness and joy! eat a lot of delicious food! enjoy your day! stay safe and healthy ❤️

PP: I was very shy to the extent that crossing the street alone, ordering food alone, I was so shy to be alone like that. Looking back, why would I bother.

Obesity impairs immune function and increases a person’s risk of being hospitalized with covid by 200%. So they closed all the gyms & yoga studios, but kept fast food restaurants and liquor stores open as “essential”. These people NEVER cared about your health.

everything will change but junwan and songhwa's love for food will always remain constant

Earth's habit give mix more food, he must really love his nong

awww earth gave mix some sausages but mix wanted to share them with earth :(( food really is their love language I'M SOBBING

Family denied food for not having vax card; raw and powerful footage …THIS is how to fight back

I am at bob Evans eating good foods . And I am drink coffee. And the coffee is very hot too drink it

Everyday food food food.i love the violence. I'm being overfed lately.Devour each other.Tear each other apart😌

I really shouldn’t have touched that spicy food last night 🤦🏿‍♂️

cw: Cron*s, manipulative parenting, food, titxn discourse . . . . . . . . idk who needs to hear this but don't???? do???? this???? like JUST GO TO THERAPY

Book recommendations? Pearl S Buck is one of my favorite authors, I stumbled upon this quote while searching for my next read. A good book is food for the soul & mind.