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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

doyoung look at his hoobaes ateez like that……😭😭😭😭

seonghwa ponytail and his corset please he look so gorgeous😭

aotm hyunjin gonna look like this 🤤

when you look at it another way, hyunjin is finally freed from people who keeps undermining his talents, and reducing him as that “long hair guy”. they can’t say shit anymore, hyunjin has fans because of his abilities and not because of his hair!

look hyunjin i'm sorry i had to hang up :(

omg hyunjin short hair ???? he still look so freaking beautiful tho & it’s like double knot hyunjin arghhhh <33

*pats hair* "stays look at my short hair~"

eyes can kill they said, and woodz just proved it. I MEAN LOOK

[210924] interview cut - jo yuri for 1st look "looking back, what do you think was the most memorable moment?" yuri : "they are countless. everything was memorable. from the debut showcase to the last concert. i miss being with the members and playing at the dorms" (+)

god look at dominho go


EXOL Ace Update with XIUMIN!!! Look at this cutieeee (T_T)

look at him go i’m proud of dream <3

My sister just arrived and look at what she brought 🥺💙 Place your bets besties 👉🏼👈🏼 (I want to film a proper unboxing, so I'll probably only open it on Sunday 🥺)

they look so damn good 😩❤️

as u can see the other members background are focus on the road, highways something like that. but look at sunoo's background, it's focus on the buildings? what is this 😭

You look more beautiful every time I see you. 💙❤️ Love ZaintSee 1000

Dabi 'you wanna fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid' Hawks

This is the most satisfying choreography ever in kpop that i ever seen nobody can say otherwise because LOOK

there’s no particular reason for these designs… but they look good, right? (disclaimer: some lewd talk? do you need this warning??)