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Jessica William

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Liquorose is so sexy! VOTE FOR HOT GIRL LIQUOROSE!!!

Today there was a rally in Liberia 🇱🇷 Lions came out to campaign for their girl 🦁🌹 I hope we get the votes we need cuz the energy has been massive so far LIQUOROSE the 90M is at your DOOR O

“rosé is the future saint laurent girl. it is in the way she lives, the way she leads her fashion, and the way she is free from the public. it is a representative of the modern society.” - anthony ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

Justice for sister Agnes’ church skirt biko. Not everyday hot girl. You pippo should go and vote.

Staring impassively out from the murky waters of Bilbao's River Nervion, the eerily lifelike face of a young girl drowning in the tide has been unsettling people in the Spanish city since she appeared unannounced last week 1/4

Voting for my girl and drinking a bottle water with Liquor and a rose on it 🥰❤️🌹

the main event and it girl ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

I love Rosé not only because of her voice and face. It's her pure pure soul that cares about everyone around her. Being a warm girl and Rosé deserves many good things ❤ ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

my girl cant have no gay best friend unless that mf suck my dick first to prove it

on the ground girl gonna give us everything today ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

You can kill a girl heart by fucking with a lot of females…. Forgetting she can kill yours by fucking with one nigga

Liquorose my happy girl😍😍🤣🤣🤣. Keep voting guys🙏.

Can’t wait to see our Rosé! Drop those tags for the best girl (dont forget to add your own words too) 🤍 ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

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Emmanuel is okay guys. It’s just that his girl is a parrot and the conversation is about music 😂.

“The Yves Saint Laurent woman has always been a cool girl. Individual, bohemian, and often musical, her beauty is striking and she’s never been afraid to challenge conventional attitudes” ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

Well done Girl Go and get higher cuz you deserve it Rosie ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

A girl with cancer was hospitalized for months. Now healthy, she has a view of her old hospital room from her college dorm.

I downloaded this Ojuju song because it reminds me of baby girl. She loves it soo much,now im hooked.

When She decides gives LOVE - She NEVER holds back❤ When she decides to GIVE BACK- She NEVER holds back🔥 She is wholesome & Real. As I always say, SHE IS A MIRROR❤ She gives what you show up as🔥 I am PROUD of you ny girl! Super proud 🔥