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Jessica William

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summary of NF weekly idol filming they said hweseung and hun were amazing(?), they did ottoke song, they told story abt their dorm. and they said nothing abt the comeback has been revealed so when a comment said it has they said "dont be fooled! (nfia) dont go easy with us!"

this is amazing.. remember mubank mc soobin and now mc sunghoon!😭😭

Telangana Government is amazing in manupulation. It talks about the Future jobs, when asked about the Present, it goes into Past.

all this time, i thought that fire scene was edited but Lisa really set the fire all by herself?! she’s amazing!

Best wishes Amb. as you begin your tenure as the Ambassador of 🇮🇱 to 🇮🇳, a genuine friend of Israel. I’m sure that the amazing people of India will welcome you warmly as they welcomed me. 🇮🇳🤝🇮🇱

I grew up dirt poor went to 6 yrs of regular school, Was abused homeless moved 27 times before I was 19. Since then I have had an amazing life, launched a ton of companies, built quite a few businesses all around the world. LIFE IS HARD & FUN Build. Quit Whining

im so happy that soobin was given such a big opportunity not only to be an mc for the show but to also meet and be friends with so many people, idols and staff alike. forever proud of soobin, it felt amazing seeing him grow and improve as an mc

Glitch was AMAZING truly feels like a new era of VGBC events, from the theming/execution/extras, all tourneys should be like this pic related me and the bestie

🎸Thank you St Louis for an amazing opening night! 🎨 Order your copy of the show’s setlist here:

Did amazing glitch was amazing. Met some great people beat some great people. Getting lit asf when I get to GA because I deserve it 😂 top 10 without a doubt

Four Lovely and Amazing Pics of

absolutely incredible work by . Amazing.

cannot wait to see this with and the others. this series is amazing Zenigata is such a well written character in this show

Blood, sweat and tears in voting. The gap is amazing. 💙💙 The Crown Stays with SJ

01:50 pm 20210927 🐱 Darlings 🥰 are you streaming? woah amazing~ voting too? amazing~~! Continue working hard, thank you 🌼 a present if we win?? 🍬🍬 Dance vlive with yedong~~? I will ask her 🍬🍬

I'm gonna miss Fridays with MC Soobin! I thought the contract extension was gonna be at least 6 months, but I'm glad it was extended even by just 2/3 mos. He proved himself to be amazing at hosting! He enjoyed it there and Mubank staff showed him lots of love, so I'm thankful 😭

BTS scenes are just amazing guys.... This is Shehnaaz Gill in retro vibes..

"The Deal" by Elle Kennedy is an amazing book in off campus series...excited to read the remaining series..loved the book...

This was her dream project, hope this turns out to be a milestone in her career... We wish you all the best bub... will be out soon... Can't wait to see the outcome of those amazing Canada days .. All the very best team Shehnaaz Gill

The Amazing Cast of this movie define its beauty Very much excited to see Shehnaaz Gill in Big Screen