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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

the way he’s trying not to smile at jongho’s ending fairy pls😭

Look at her smile 😢💕

its THAT smile....

Nine never fails to put a smile on my face even on my bad bad days. And he will tell the negativities to go away like this: GaoQingChen No5

She always wear this smile and that's the one reason why I love her!! 10Q ANGELINE CONCERT

she knows her smile is our weakness😂

Here's a smile to wrap up your week😄💜

N : We were engaged since we were a kid, but when we grew up, what would happen ? Z : Your smile na krub N : It's because Hia touched Kuer's hand krub CutiePie 2ndLook

the smile he looks so happy 🥺

Nine, happy 5months debut! Nine, life is too short not to smile enough, love enough, and live enough! So shine and smile! GaoQingChen No5

Nine, your smile is my favorite thing. Nothing lights me up inside like seeing you smile. GaoQingChen No5

this guy hates dressing up. par uss din usne khud suggest kiya he should dress up as a sardar. just for shehnaaz and just to see her smile.🥺 “shehnaaz, palat”

Juyeon asked deobis how they spent their Chuseok 👤: I spent it alone 🐱: What do you mean? I’m always next to you~ *silence* *smiles* I’m sorry 😄

Jennie Kim is so pretty.. her smile makes day better

Hope Xiao Jiu can get many many jobs and earn a lot China! And always be happy ya, love your smile! Cr: logo GaoQingChen No5

the happy thing is that you are improving a lot, you dance better, with stable vocals and with that smile. you deserve it. it's the result of your hard work, C to B. Slowly but you are getting closer to your castle GaoQingChen No5

taeyong's cheeky smile throughout the years