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Jessica William

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“It wouldn’t be fun living on the streets because you have to beg people for food and they’ll say no.” Eight-year-old Kai is among the thousands of British kids growing up in poverty.

ใครชอบพาสต้าเส้นสด เซฟเก็บไว้เลย🍝❤️ a bowl of pasta ร้านเปิดใหม่แถวนางลิ้นจี่ ลองเป็น Tagliatelle truffle กับ Gnocchi pesto salmon เส้นดีงาม แต่เซอร์ไพรส์กับย้อกกี้มาก ซอสอร่อยเข้มข้น เข้ากับแซลมอนสุด แถมร้านนี้เป็นแบบ open kitchen ด้วย ดูรีดเส้นกันสดๆไปเลย😆

Me refusing to touch my food at all until I find something good to watch:

ชอบบ้าบิ่นกับขนมครกร้านนี้มากก กินมาตั้งแต่เด็ก ขายอยู่ตามหน้าร้านแม่ศรีเรือน บ้าบิ่นมะพร้าวแน่นๆ ส่วนขนมครกมีไรซ์เบอร์รี่กับธรรมดา อร่อยทั้งคู่ เรากินสาขา Golden Place พระราม 9 กล่องละ 35.- อร่อยจริง😋

More than a half of Afghanistan’s population faces “acute” food crisis this winter, U.N. finds

Scrapping triple lock is 'stealing billions from pensioners pockets'. £37bn surplus in the National Insurance Fund. 2.1m retirees in poverty. 1.5m undernourished. 25,000 expected to die of cold. Food/energy prices rocketing. Need decent pension now.

🐟 "PHEW! The food was great, but I had so much you might have to 𝘳𝘰𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘦 out of here, hahaha!" 🤓 "D-do you want me to?" 🐟 "..." 🤓 "..." 🐡 "....."

Some food for thought

Can’t wait to replace all of these food items with BREAD 🥖🍞🥐

No farmers, no food.. 😉

It’s Monday October 25th and the Biden administration doesn’t require a jab for people to get welfare checks, stimulus checks, or food stamps, but they do if you have a job. Let that sink in. Visit my store and let’s go Brandon.

You’ve seen 1,000 articles on here like “how this person bought a house debt-free at 30” and the answer is “rich parents” every single time. Today, the streak ends. Today, the legend is born. The legend of the man who paid $150 per year for food by eating every meal at Six Flags

coups is able to discipline roona (the husky) so well?! roona who used to snatches every food in front of her listens to him when he said "don't", "wait", "sit" !! the caption in the end said "charisma scoups" thats so true~

Thread of Foods I’ve made, enjoy 🥰🍝🍷

“I only watch DDD for the food

Everyone wake up foods ready

Predators lead me through cold dark forests in pursuit of food and glory. They will not stop even if I want them to.

Ladies & gentlemen, because of this absolute legend & his friend from bell we are going live TONIGHT! Ended up having a tech come over for the last 3 hours & get things up & running. Grabbing some caffeine, food & then we are 🔴LIVE

I pet Cooper. One of his favorite things is spending time exploring in the woods. His other favorite things are his caregiver and any food she eats. The other night, as she was making dinner, Cooper stood right next to her the whole time. Then he peed.

People who don’t live in places like Texas, California, and Arizona simply do not know the quality of Mexican food you can get from some dumpy looking joint inside a gas station with a little old Mexican lady doing the cooking.

seunghyub checking for jaehyun whether the pizza is spicy or not (jaehyun can’t stand spicy food)

Do not hang out with me if you not tryna get no mf food; ion got time for that.