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Jessica William

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30 July 1933 | A Hungarian Jewish girl, Gabriella Markusz, was born. In July 1944 she was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber.

Duwet or Jamblang (Syzygium cumini) is a tropical fruit tree that ... Banyan in gardens or on the beach 💚


Maria: Everyone should stand up even if you are doing nothing because this girl (Liquorose) has gone through this a million times ❤️❤️

thanks to all of u who are currently in SM Manila to see Yumi, especially BiaMi Babes. Through ur photos and videos I feel like I'm there with you,seeing Yumi. Take care of urself and Yumi okay? Enjoy your time with our baby botejyu girl.✨I badly wanna see u ✊🏿

Two boys from this lovely group of GSD pups will be joining our puppy program in 4 weeks time. Mum Jane is doing fine with her litter of 6 boys and 4 girls who are 4 weeks old today.

i have watched a lot of hiyyih's predebut video dancing and i can say she really improved a lot! seeing her like this makes me so proud of her. please support bahiyyih on girls planet 999!!

Zhang Yifan 💜🍬 BONBON TV《硬糖少女 BON-US》Anniversary Special Recording ✨

LOOK AT HOW HE LOOKED AT HIS GIRL WHEN BELLE SAID "I won't let it fester." That's our strong angel, ❤🖤

this is not yet even half of what bahiyyih can do it's just one of the many many things and it already takes you away how amazing she is. hiyyih is truly an ace!! 🖇

the girls are ✨fighting✨ dream’s toxicity is sending me

Kim Chaehyun’s O.O.O Performance Cam has been released on Mnet K-POP Official YouTube Channel!!

🗣️ 'I'm trying to inspire the next generation, for more girls to get involved in BMX' Mission accomplished 🙌 |

Our little kid is not afraid to see the Dentist 😂 very brave girl HAHAHA Watch the video here:

🖤Today's anime girl is Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer!

this made me think of how hard the athletes had it. Especially Farah Ann haritu. all the pressure of winning, rasa sedih after working hard, pastu balik balik je orang malaysian kutuk pakaian lah body shame lah.