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Jessica William

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look at all the snacks and foods nacific prepared for skz during their shooting 🥺❤️

Stir fry noodles with shrimps and peppered goat meat + Bananas for post dinner! 😁

Was catching up on MLT & Yujin’s really amazing - she was looking out for Nako throughout, making sure she understood what the chef said, was doing well, & fed her food samples as well 😂 Probably the reason why members always say that she’s dependable despite her young age 🥺💙

oh no jimin that’s not food

's TMI - Low-pitched rap is the charm! Face genius. My favorite foods are my mom's meat sauce and taiho ramen. - When I work hard at something, I can concentrate more at night than at day. TMI by Member Haruto has a beautiful heart as beautiful as his visual - Doyoung

How many compulsory rules exist to protect others. Nearly all. Seatbelts, driving tests, rules for gas, electricity, water, food, cars, safeguarding checks, traffic lights, drink driving, medical, legal & technical qualifications. But masks - no - that’s all about liberty.

Samhwa Foods sent Eunwoo a food truck how cute ❣️

they also prepared food truck 🥺❤️

Team effort 💯 More food to share. Time to celebrate 😊🎊🍾🎉

No matter what you eat in costly restaurants! Mom's food is always the best ❤️

Mindat displaced people need urgent foods and other kitchen sets, local teams said. “As internet cut off, we can’t request donation via online and people attentions on us declined” they added.

Food Delivery App addicts anonymous

Omg Song Joongki sent a food truck to Junho 🥺🥺🥺 “I support Actor Lee Junho. All the cast and staff of The Red Sleeve Cuff,I cheer you on. -Song Joongki” THE WAY THEY ALWAYS SUPPORT EACH OTHER THEY ARE THE BESTEST FRIENDS 🤧💛

sehun: it’s a male puppy. please leave some nice names in the comment section~ ‘tangerine’? i don’t like it~ staffs: ㅋㅋㅋ sehun: ‘meatball’? i don’t like it~ ‘coffee bean’? ah~ it’s not good~ ‘bobo’? why do you name the puppy after food? ‘hotpot’? i won’t answer you ( ー̀֊ー́)

Jharkhand poor Tribal family have not recieved ration for 3 months. The family is forced to eat kand-mool due to lack of food. The government schemes including free food is not reaching the tribal-dominated Siroikala Panchayat of Garhwa district.

Take a pledge that before sleeping, every night, for 365 days, you will post at least one post about the greatness of India. Even if it’s about your own mother, city, food, colony.... just fill the universe with our greatness. This is the best way to outrage against colonisation.

Tweet to eat laterss will pick 2 winners! Make sure to follow us for more chances of winning! 📞0915 789 1492 for DELIVERY ZAMBO ↔️ BAIS! ✔GRAB FOOD  ✔Food PANDA 🐼  ✔Get Food OPEN: 11am - 8:00pm -we accept ONLINE transfer , happy anytime, anywhere 💯

Ok, the Queen has a cold & was well looked after. Now can we talk about food banks, desperation of & people unable to afford basic heat and food

🦙: My favorite foods are my moms meat sauce and taiho ramen

If there is not enough food, eat the chef instead 😋

Liam was left tied up with no food or water but was rescued by police. Approx. 1 yr old boy who is people & dog friendly. He will make you laugh & smile. Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, NY. Email [email protected]

funny fact: bihoon and sushi are all foods 😂