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Jessica William

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I worry there is something broken in our generatio7 "DJ Sliink is amazing, and his production is on the next 👑👑 كۣۗـۙوۣدُ خۣۗـۙصۣۗـۙمۣۗـۙ نِٕٓمٓٓشٍٓيَُٕ SUN20 SUN20 👑👑

you’re doing amazing sweetie

sunwoo is just beyond amazing

Prime Minister congratulates Pakistani Team🇵🇰🇵🇰 on amazing victory. Stating that the nation is proud of the team, the PM especially appreciates Babar Azam for leading from the front, and Rizwan & Shaheen Afridi for their brilliant performances.🏏

So excited to be in this weekend. To be in my hometown paper after reading about others for years is mad inspiring. So pumped for y’all to see the season. Thank you for writing such an amazing piece

💌 im beyond proud of you taehyung , you did so well today and gave your best :( wish i could tell you irl how amazing you are and how great you were a while ago. praying for your fast recovery , health always comes first. rest well , angel . i love you sm <3

Saw this on facebook. You're truly an Angel Nini💜 BEST GIFT SEOKJIN THANK YOU JIN YOU DID AMAZING JIN

V reminded us again that BTS is 7. 💜 Thank you, Tae! You are amazing ✨

“So for Bruno's tweet we're thinking 'Nowhere near good enough today but the fans were amazing'” “No no no, Bruno got 'the fans were amazing' last week, it's Luke's turn to have 'the fans were amazing'” “How about 'You deserved better'?” “Already done that for Mason, sorry”

Congratulations Pakistan for a roaring success. It was indeed amazing performance and cohesive team work . You made us proud .

We've had some amazing surprises , including this 2018 moment with the reveal of Joker coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. What's been your favorite TGA surprise over the years?

Amazingly comprehensive map of every country in the world that uses the MMDDYYYY format

20211024 day 03 2nd anniversary, very good sets today everyone was amazing! 1/3

Etni khushi.♥️😘 god samaj he nhi aa raha kese expression karu was next level yaar😍😍.... believe he nhi ho raha ha.😳😳..omg omg...thz is freaking amazing 🔥🔥🔥 thank u so much

Crying bcs he has yet to achieve any championship since the accident occurred. Momota pls you did amazing today 😭 Comeback stronger don’t give up you’re always my no 1 🤍🇯🇵

YOU DID WELL TAEHYUNG we are so proud of you, we love you so much! we know that everything that you do, you do with love. don’t worry too much, tae! you were amazing, you did well 💌

noo taehyung don't worry you did so well and you were amazing ARMYs are so proud of you :(( i love you so much get well soon taetae 🥺 YOU DID WELL TAEHYUNG KING V ON STAGE

🔊⚽️: "Of course, it's an amazing feeling after the match. My first , my first goal. I'm very glad and grateful. But what's more important is the victory as a team, we're very happy to achive our goal."

bahiyyih best girl, you are so pretty and perfect, your beauty is amazing, i love you princess

It’s so amazing to see how otters (locally extinct when I was a kid) have taken over Singapore, after mass river clean ups. A stark contrast to the shit show (literally) being intentionally unleashed in British rivers in 2021.

This Couple Posted For Picture In The Same Place, 51 Years Apart. It’s Amazing ❤️‍🔥 1963 2014