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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I bet all I had on a thing called love Your smile is a magnet for goodwill and positivity 🏷️🛒 كٕوٕدٕ $خٕصٕمٕ$ سٌتًآيٍلْيْ <EWS>| 🏷️🛒

Always with a smile on your face 😃

I dare you not to smile!

Love is very strange, it is very painful, its decisions make fun of its punishment, its prisoners smile in handcuffs.

The more exclamation points someone uses in a sentence the less you can trust them...

Bank manager call me dey smile - meanwhile u go ecobank right now dem go say they support betting - Whiles One branch manager dey Vip dey stake low Key 😂😂😂😂

your smile is so sweet and pure :(💗

‘- she’s so cute when she smile’ ‘ - when we said she’s beautiful, she said you too’

What about the smile....mood!

When there is nothing left to say, lift your head up high, smile, and walk away like you own the world.

Smile , its Therapy 🤍

Subha uthkar Pratik Yeh cheez dekh le tub tasalli milegi mujhe toh 😄 Want him to smile and feel proud of every fan who participated in trend. SHER PRATIK IN BB15

Makes me happy, makes me smile.

Celebrate your life today! As you play, laugh, smile, and have fun, you lighten up. And when you lighten up you release negativity.

Liam Payne has the most precious smile of the world.

May this smile brighten the life of this Muslim Ummah❤️ For many years we were in desperate need of such a leader ..💛 #امیرمحترم_کورہاکرو