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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Hyojung: They're the tallest active girl group (in Kpop) right now Binnie: Why did we start the show with us standing? Soojin: I think it's because we're wearing slippers... Binnie: We usually started the show sitting down, so why are we suddenly standing now>< 😅😅

Daily reminder the Taliban is welcome on Twitter but President Trump is not. “A Harsh New Reality for Afghan Women and Girls in Taliban-Run Schools” Afghanistan’s new government is likely to severely restrict education for girls and women…

taehyung owns brown/beige suits

jeongwoo really has many girl friends (i mean friends and girl) 😂

Necrontyr/Necrons are very tol They are anywhere from 7ft at shortest, to 9 ft to tallest... and sometimes bigger. Oracle is over 7ft tall lol (Sister of Battle for comparison)

Goodnight and sweet dreams friends I’m exhausted love you all 💖✨

Azah stans kids in their rooms after hearing their mama yell at their phones about a girl named Hannah for the 100th time in a day instead of making them dinner:

Angel is sweet and she deserves to be in finale. We can make it happen. Let's go all out to vote our baby girl.

My claim to fame is that I’m the banana girl from the Harry styles concert

the funny plushie girl is now available and i cordially invite you to look at her 💜😤💜 (base by kubbs @ FA)

hello 🥰 i’m a new fanacc for our beloved noze and zalin and also for all our beloved swf girls too 🥰 let’s be moots 🥺❤️

Goodnight to all the girls without boyfriends ❤️

okay i am genuinely sorry that i can’t stop tweeting about gilmore girls this week but i just screamed out loud

This beautiful girl was in super heat and she came to right alpha male and she didn’t wanted to leave him for anyone else. (Also she wanted baby’s😖) Hot female:

FUCK THAT NIGGA BRIAN LAUNDRIE !! Ion care what that girl had going on she was only 22 years old bro! Who tf are you to take her life away from her? This nigga was supposed to be someone who loved her & he violated !

Let's say for a moment that there is no question about the vaccines safety and efficacy. Do you think a vaccine mandate is morally acceptable? Do you think it's ok to be forced to use an app to 'check in' with the government ever time you enter a shopping or to a cafe? Forever?

"Yeah I watch slice of life anime involving cute girls doing cute things. How can you tell?"

Been a kpop stan since 2017 but who would have thought that the group i'm most attached to is this girls and they are not even an idol😭😭

me and the girls going shopping

goodnight oomfs i <3 changbin nothing new

I choose her, my beautiful baby girl.... ❤️😍😘😚 😊