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Jessica William

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the weeknd’s new era already looks amazing

Thanks to amazing Congresswoman Cori Bush among others, a new ban on evictions is happening. Her fierce 5 day protest of sleeping outside on the Capitol stairs to shed light on the eviction moratorium made it happen. That’s how you do it. Hero. 🇺🇸👏

Happy Cake Day 2my King Ozo We love u, stay amazing n intelligent as u are, Be blessed always 🙏🏼

Sexy, hot, caring, loving, generous, kind, amazing... Words fall short to describe you! Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the 'most perfect guy' ever! AUGUST FORTH IS HERE HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZO

amazing group of candidates you got there, politico

What an awesome day of team building, learning, and growing! Shout out to our amazing staff. We're off to a great start and the beginning of a successful year!

It’s a new year for OZO, a year stronger n older 💃🏼❤️ Happy birthday Ozo🎊🍷 On a special day, God gave us this sweet, amazing n beautiful human. At 29, he has achieved so much,work so hard and has never lost focus. AUGUST FOURTH IS HERE HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZO

DAY 4: appreciation day: little mix performances ↳for the next 24hrs let’s reminisce amazing and astonishing live performances! share your best little mix stages with the hashtag!

tubbo is so good at acting. His character is fucking amazing

Happy birthday You are a special breed, an amazing man with an impeccable attitude. Supporting you is a good decision because like I always say, stanship ended with you. All the good characters are embedded in you so I'm satisfied.

Gosh, is it possible that Brett, Dan , Jeroen had it right all along? Congratulations to our amazing team and to all Victorians.

Tfw watching my ママ drawing amazing art for me (I can’t spoiler but trust me is YABAI AWESOME) Meanwhile Rio’s drawing: 。

seungmin pretty me hace muy happy, su beautiful smile es muy cute, seungmin pure es tan amazing.

"happy birthday to my amazing wife. thank you for joining me on this adventure!" — love, H (prince harry in 2019)

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO THE KING. 🎉🎊 May the good Lord continue to bless you. You're an amazing and a great person. May your light continue to shine. May your life continue to be sweet as honey. And may goodness follow you forever🙏🙏 I love you KING OZOEMENA❤

// dehumanization Drew art for 's amazing Guard Dog Au. It makes me feel many emotions :)

Potatoes are honestly the best, no matter how it’s served it’s all AMAZING.

May God’s amazing blessings be with you on this special day and for the coming years ahead! May His blessings continue to flow in all areas of your life, and may you have a blessed birthday ever. ❤️🥰