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Jessica William

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John Doe

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is tobi okay? Like I know this is love island but he's taking the piss.

the most heartbreaking scene in love island history man

Me after this series of love island :

Abigail baby love yourself please

Not toby already regretting picking Mary, he is the perfect love island villain

Tobys love island Highlights

they should couple up and win Love island !! They deserve better !!

Me: this series of Love Island is quite slow :/ Me the second there is intense drama:

are the love island producers sure that tobi is 22 and not 16? because he’s acting like a 16 year old

the love island girls watching casa amor when they return back and remembering all the lies

This dude's nickname is Big Fudge? Love the move.

I fell in love with Harlem the minute I set foot here more than 50 years ago. When I left office, I knew it was the place to continue the work I started as President. I’ll do whatever I can to keep being a good citizen of Harlem, NYC, America & the world.

i love how intak and soul talked and laughed for more than one hour and had fun together they look so comfortable theyre so adorable :(

I wish millie could see how much we love her

nah not liam with the “i was coming in here to tell you that i love you”

WHY do boys have to hurt the one they “love” to realise how they feel? it’s happened to me, it’s happened to literally every girl i know like it’s the fucking worst excuse in the book

Jake is really avoiding saying "I love you" will he ever say it???

let me raise a toast to the girl i love most in the whole world🌍


mayhaps i love them