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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Payday loans charge 400% interest. It is very expensive to be poor. During the pandemic, use of payday loans dropped 40% because of stimulus programs, freeing up more money for necessities like food. Amazing what happens when you actually help poor people

me going out of my way to be rude to the cute waitress so she'll spit in my food

"Love, Food And Everything In Between" starring Erica Nlewedim is showing in 30mins on ROKTV, dstv channel 168. Tune in 🎥!

Liquorose as Emmanuel shippers. Food is ready o😂

Blessed to have the opportunity to host the Food Truck Festival back home over 2,000 people and 30+ venders big moves this year! 🏆

the foods great :D

I’m 2 weeks into my “healthy eating” journey in an attempt to improve my CV risk factors. Posting for accountability purposes. I’ve lost 5.8 lbs. I’m craving healthier foods overall & snacking less. Frustrated by my limited ability to exercise with the rib fx, but overall happy.

why does food in anime always look so good??

For every $1 we spend on food, we rack up $2 in public-health and environmental damage, a new report finds

A male Common Yellowthroat that was looking for food for his young ones.

Watch Erica Now on ROK. Showing Love,food and everything in Between

Chefs share some of their favorite and most unexpected foods to toss on the grill:

I love playing in the mid cities because I get to eat at my favorite restaurant. The Whole Foods hot bar.

Finally pinoy street foods 🤤😍

so you’re telling me shes never going to walk off set to go get food dressed as dreamer ever again? sickening

i put all my favourite safe foods here

Spotted outside Whole Foods in Andover!

Rev and I had pork chops, yellow squash and blueberries for dinner. It’s so fun finding new foods he enjoys. We found out he hates tuna but loves peas.

I have enough for a box of diapers and some bb foods, if anyone would like to rt or donate for groceries that would make my day!!

. explores the complicated history of McDonalds in the Black community: how the fast food giant supported Black franchise owners, but was also a trap for unhealthy diets and low wages.