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Jessica William

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"can't wait to see our girl break into charts once again very soon😉" hmm👀

high-up entertainment! are you interested in a talented 12 member girl group who all have unique vocal colors? a group with unparalleled dance synchronization? group full of aces perhaps😁?

beautiful girl from last week 😊

Hello. My name is Kim Hyunjin and I am a member of the girl group LOONA. I would like to come here and say that all statements regarding the halting of our group's activities is false. We will continue to be a group that you will always love, thank you.

Can’t find the original tweet (maybe I never tweet it before in this acc😂) Anw happy anniversary to Seunghee’s letter to Oh My Girl on Avengirls with Hyojung’s narration~🥺💕

Yes pls do the Justice for this girl.. Otherwise these dogs are going to eat her alive and use her name politically..

Still Trending My girl is the most trending Celebrity in India Shehnaaz Gill Ap active raho or na raho India k Shehnaaz Gill hamesa aisahi chamakta rahegi

“bighit messed up glam, they can’t manage girl groups” big hit was literally working on a 6 dollar budget. making music in garages.. y’all do realize they wasn’t the big company they are now… y’all acting like y’all was in glam.

Only on mere allegations of a girl Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu was arrested & sentenced Life imprisonment without any solid proofs. On the other side, rape convict Prins Raj has been granted bail . When will get bail ? Justice for Bapuji – at Valmet Automation India

i guess we got our loonazone crumbs !

all these financial issues can be traced back to how much alexander wang apparel blockberry buys for the girls

St. Vincent is turning 39 today! What's your favorite song of hers?

girl i wish y’all would let this bighit glam shit go fr 😭

my precious girl

Just read this. Author wrote it before Covid and it’s amazing how the psychology of people rather than fact make fighting this such as issue.

We tried the carrot. Now we get the stick and, frankly, we’re good and ready for it.

if one of these loona girls don’t go off private and say something i know y’all on here PLEASE

[210928] - ig update with LISA: “Can’t wait for more from Lisa and looking forward to see our girl break into the charts once again very soon😉" 🔗 블랙핑크 리사