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wonwoo looks sooo good today 💖

What do the aespa members want to be for Halloween? Winter: Either Ponyo or Haku. Fans told me I look Haku, so I want to dress up like him. But I also love Ponyo… so Ponyo? Karina: Fans told me I look like a cat… so some type of cat? Or maybe Kuromi? …

yeosang looks so handsome in this fit with the glasses man

211026 Interpark Fansign 💎 Carats hv been saying that you look like an adult tiger and Hoshi is a baby tiger. Between bunny & tiger, which one do you think resemble you the most? 🦌 I think I look more like a tiger than bunny

Now I can hype these photos in peace, look at him. LOOK AT HIM!

when they said winter's chinese improved a lot, she look so proud of herself lol cutie 😭😅

211026 vidcall fansign OP said because of Wonwoo’s support last year, they’re doing great for their job and will be promoted as well. Wonwoo looks so proud and said “You even get promoted??” 🥺🥺

Op asked Wonwoo how many glasses (different frames) he has now. He said he only has 2 glasses now. Op said he looks good in the glasses.

Imagine if instead of a Hindu Seer it was a Muslim cleric being thrashed - entire Hindu community would be abused But look at the secular silence when Talibani violence against a monk Yogi Adityanath is normalised & legitimised by Islamist radicals

yeosang looks so so good 🥺❤️ the fits with the glasses ><

The Jimin and the hat. Even the hat he threw looks cool and beautiful. Fan, scarf, jacket, mic, hat... the way Jimin handles props is one of the coolest things to see on stage.

wenzhe douyin update ! after i got my phone, i found out about this dance 🔥 it looks so good ! but it’s tiring to dance to 😂 when i go back, i will continue to practice dancing # swf noze choreography

Ryujin looks really happy when her prize is real golden key 😂

Jungkook in messy hair...the most seductive... look.....

hanbok chaeyeon 💙 the concept for her look is blueberry 🫐 (actually she just wanted to wear a navy skirt so she chose a top which has navy statements to match)

This 360° video shows what it looks like on top of Mount Everest on a clear day 🗻