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Jessica William

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i love how carats also support the female lead in jun's drama, guinevere in kyeom's musical, and how they interact with girl groups like irene, seulgi, taeyeon, and more 😭✨ caratland best fandom 💎🤍

Mạnh bạo với em quá là em chảy nước đó 😭

Imagine going into a girls comments to find your girlfriend already waiting there for you😭😭

h-h---h-h-h--h-h-h-h--h-h-h-h--h-h-h-h-h--h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h--h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-he called me a g-g-g--g-g-g--g-g-g--g-g-g--g-g--good girl 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

[Abstract] ’s agency RBW is the first entertainment company to list on KOSDAQ under the name of a girl group. Hybe, SM, YG & FNC have all put forward results focused on male groups RBW has grown rapidly over the past 3 years, this was largely due to Mamamoo’s activities+

the prettiest girl i've ever seen 🤍

18 October 1937 | A French Jewish girl, Renee Stolowicz, was born in Paris. In October 1943 she was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

Me seeing my girl's titties for the 1000 time

[📢] YURINA GLOBAL is excited to announce our collaboration with in supporting Girls Planet 999 contestant Kawaguchi Yurina for the final global vote & Jeon Somi for her upcoming album. Vote for YURINA and get a chance to win a copy of 'XOXO' ↓

Wishing you good morning with dis energetic and amazing video from my girl Liquorose and E4ma... ...

mnet's schedule for oct. 22, friday is up! girls planet 999 finale ep. 12 will run from 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm kst!

Just saw this random poll where they asked the student about their favorite girl groups using this wireless voting system 😂😂

& : girls wanna play with boys

my favorite girls <3

My gender is "man" until Howl says "that's my girl". On the very second he says that, for that moment in time, I am "Howl's girl." After that I am a man until I rewatch Howl's Moving Castle and it happens again

THROWBACK The very first audition of Girls Planet 999! Now Shen Xiaoting and Huang Xingqiao are in the FINALS this Friday!

[holding back tears] i don't care if junhui calls another girl his wife in the drama

angry black girl at Sunday brunch 😡

actress sojung and her coffee trunks sent by the girls and buddies 🥺🥺🥺

I am Chennai girls ok WhatsApp 9087515804

My golden girl, you are destined for greatness.