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Jessica William

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Skepppyyyy pick me up food please rat and I are hungry >:O

“We couldn’t have predicted this” Environment Secretary George Eustice tells . Seems the Government missed food producers & road hauliers warning them months ago supply chains were in jeopardy due to a chronic shortage of HGV drivers

Today I resigned from a volunteer position bringing food & clothing vouchers to the poor in my community. It was either the jab or submit to a test at my cost weekly. During the pandemic I delivered these vouchers without any mandates. I harbor no ill & will not comment further.

Uzima University Cultural week day one activities,Tommorow day 2 we explore different foods by different ethnic cultures,Welcome all

Preview of an upcoming Fancy Fast Food episode with . It uhhh... yeah it’s gonna be about as wild as you think it is.

Iv been in the states🇺🇲 for 20years now,I miss the local foods,I miss the troski, I wana come back infact I

Americans wtf is this??? you make fun of british foods but you have THIS?!!

Please don't waste food.

starting fall semester food thread made by me 😼


Dinner...Butternut Squash Ravioli with Roast Chicken, Garden Basil, Olive Oil & Fresh Parm Falll Comfort Food ...

Thinking about selling my character for food and necessities. He’s a Siamese cat and he’s the one character that I have a lot of art with. But times are tough at the moment and I need funds fr. All of his art costs a total of $509.00. If anyone is interested, send DM.

My favorite food is

Hi does anyone know some wisdom teeth removal safe foods ? I can’t survive a week eating yoghurts I hate yoghurts

'Tis the season for chili, soup, hot wings, and other comfort foods! What meals are you looking forward to making (and eating!) this fall?

In an undernourished or starving environment, people who like sweet and lumpy foods will maintain a longer life, live healthier lives, and leave more healthy children than those who do not.

when you're mad at bae then he ask you "are you hungry? let's go get some food"

what’s coming towards you ? - must be following - retweet this & pinned - comment ur initials & fav food 💌 tips of $4.44 get an in depth explanation & a guaranteed response !

Girlfriend treated me to some Mexican food 🥰

That food was lit