Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Erica Nlewedim The Beauty Mogul and Business woman! We love you ♥️✨ ILWE Season Finale Erica Nlewedim

I called for best girl and katelyn answered?

'escape from the boiling rock' fight scene is one of my favorite azula fights. my girl was out here balancing herself on the most unstable side of the cable car and holding off 2 opponents. her combat skills are simply unmatched

🎥 | Felicia, the girl who plays Stella, posted this video and you can see in the background!

Green juice girl 🧃

only you my girl 🌻

You can't be within 100 yards of someone who has a protective order against you. & You NEED court approval if there’s a conflict of schedules that are work-related. I know a lot of you are abuser apologists. But facts are facts. I'm right & you abuser apologists are wrong.

When I catch my homeboy’s girl doing anything even slightly suspicious

Gossip Girl (2008)

dream actually made girl dream use she/her and NotDream123 use any pronouns because he wanted to test out how it felt

u dont understand she was THE IT girl

When say I’m busy I mean: Sorry girls 🥲

My best girl the sky is your starting point I am so proud of you I love you and I’ll always be in your corner 🥰

i dressed like the winx girls for a week…. new vid🧚🏻✨

imagine you are facetiming your girl, then you fall asleep, but when you wake up you hear she is still on the phone but having sex with a guy, then your girl says “let me turn my phone off" but then the guy says "no if he is awake i want him to hear this" and starts laughing.

girls and iPhones 🤣


I feel this is when Hyeju realized she had to bring her tough side out with these Loona girls this shit would not fly with her now

Girls wielding giant swords effortlessly ⚔️💫