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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Liam Payne's precious smile on your timeline.

Aw Bora's smile looks nice he-- HANDONG’S DEMONIC GAZE 😳


It’s like the real ones go through the most shit in life but still maintain a smile

If anyone needs to smile today … puppy love on set w ⁦⁩ & Khalani who’s ready for another season of ?!

Therapy is expensive so I just watch her and smile.😊 I don't know how but I think it's called magic 🥺😂

jimple smile :]

his smile is so cute 💔💔💔

she's the cutest, prettiest and the kindest person in the whole world :( i love her smile and laugh and she deserve everything. she helped so many people including me <3 i love her so much


You never know what someone is going through or what a smile is hiding. Be kind, always.

This is pure evil in picture form. How could he crack a smile like that in this moment? My heart would have fallen into my arsehole with guilt omg

has the most beautiful smile.

if you’re finding you’re being unkind to you, picture the you from old photographs, with mud-frayed shoelaces and a crooked popsicle smile. treat you like you’d treat that you, read her magic stories and give her a bath of good smells and cut her sandwiches into little triangles

Character: Pantufa the Cat For: VAdaPEGA From last week's Drawpile on GalaxyTrail's Discord Server. ARE YA HUNGRY BECASUE THERE'S A WHOLE LOT OF SALAD AND IT HAS TO GO SOMEWHERE I dunno, this kinda makes me smile and chuckle, is a cool cat

literally can lighten up one’s whole day with his smile and energy 🥺 I missed listening to him singing this song he looks so cute🧡 the prettiest 💙☁️

i’m sorry but that is not entertainment for me bro that just broke my heart😩 look at that smile man he’s so pure

Daily pic of Rem #305 Rem has the cutest smile, when I’m down it reassures me everything will be fine, it just warms my heart 💙

El Mago, thank you for the smiles, laughs, swagger & excitement you brought to the team, city & fan base. Cubs fans are forever thankful for you & everything you’ve done. It’s going to be hard watching you elsewhere, but we will be cheering you on. Best of luck to Javier Báez. #9

bought a new tablet stand and cleaned my mess yaay 👁👄👁 (if you want a stand for your drawing tablet, just search for laptop stands instead. they work perfectly for this!)