Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Yoseop will perform brain and chuck later 😊, the highlight x oh my girl crumbs I get 🥺💛

the school girl outfit with the prada shoes & earring plus the cartier watch….. she’s straight out of an episode of gossip girl

girl i know what you did right there

Lauren Dickason, 40, has been charged with murder in the deaths of her twin 2-year-old girls Maya and Karla, and their 6-year-old sister Liane, in a crime that has shocked New Zealand.

She is indeed special😭 Zephanie, you go girl🙏💚

Jisoo's hair got so much lighter girl what's up 😭

"Turn around if you're the prettiest girl in the world" Yooa:

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I'm that girl your Mum is asking about.

I never thought that these girls would mean so much to me 🥺

everyday i wake up and say i stan the best girls

Yuri said she wants her fans to be proud to say to others that they are fans of artist jo yuri and she wants to become an amazing person so that her fans always think "ah it’s a good thing i like jo yuri" pls she’s the sweetest girl ever 🥺😭


📷 [jennierubyjane] 210924 “You so sweet girl🌹”

Do you like goth girls? 🖤

Girls Planet 999 contestants Xia Yan and Lin Chen Han recently spoke with a fan over video call and were asked for their opinion of Cai Bing! For context, the fan asked, "What do you think of Cai Bing? She looks tough." *vid+translation provided by owner*