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the amount of gifts and food supports they received the other day! our gulfie and hazard is so loved! 🥺❤

TWICE expected to have a 'honey break' for Chuseok Message through JYPE: "We will eat a lot of delicious foods and take a good rest during Chuseok. Also to spend a comfortable and good time with the pet dogs"

minsung one tweet au feat. maam cookery tw // food

For the 1st time, the Shan American Community has hosted a traditional Shan food & ethnic Fundraiser at Queens - St. James Church in on Sep 18. Funds raised will be donated to current refugees in Burma & other areas in need of humanitarian assistance & PDFs.

♡ — FOODS TO AVOID : a thread (+ thinspo) [ REACH :: edtwt thread ana proana sweetspo egospo meanspo fatspo chubspo bonespo thinspo ]

210919 🌙💬 Kevin mentioned some of his favorite Chuseok / Holiday food!

Cw//food My mom's cooking 💕

Great Food notes. 2017

What does the word substantially mean? 1. Related to the substance. 2. Food; substantial; fundamental; which contains many teachings

When mom says the foods done…

Mix really sit there next to food and still Earth was the one who take them food and put it in his bowl 😭❤️ i cant with this couple!!

Shan traditional food and multi-ethnic fairs organized by Shan American Community was held at Queens-St.James Church in New York city, USA for the first time on Sep 18.

Little dude i had to make for work!! I wish more customers would order things with food toppers 🥺 i love doing these

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾my safe foods☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ ★ A thread no one asked for ★

I'm indispensable to this kind of food. Do you know where it is

She knows soul food is my favorite 🥰

Fast food should be a crime.

URGENT HELP IS NEEDED 🚨 More than 1,000 in Village, Township, Sagaing Region, are in urgent need of , according to a relief worker.