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The Bronx is literally a food desert and the State will ensure it remains that way by throwing away food from these vendors.

Playing Tetris for just three minutes can reduce cravings for drugs, food, cigarettes, alcohol, and sex

Amazon Prime users must soon say goodbye to free Whole Foods delivery

Mexican community members have been aiding Haitian refugees in Mexico by providing them and their families food, water, haircuts, and making sure none of them drown in the Rio Grande River 🇲🇽 x 🇭🇹✊🏾✊🏽📸:

“You know we got rich off dog food.. That’s just how a vet do.. I’ll make ya baby chew on a FN.. Tell ‘em it’s Alphabet Soup!” 🔥🔥🔥

Make sure to wind down and take a warm bath guardian. - Just Hunter-60 with Spike, talking about food. (Yes the Red hooded Hunter without his getup) ❤🧡

If we want food for ourselves then we must support bharat band on 27th Sept.

Farmers are the ones behind our all basic needs,food clothes etc., so its our duty to speak up for Farmers In support of farmers india will be closed tomorrow

Inspired by the great work Jungkook has done at advocating for the most troubling issues of our times, Golden JK Union made two donations to Food & Poverty programs, after BTS at , to continue his example in helping make the world a better place.

imagine waking up at 2am to the smell of food and it's your S/O standing naked in the kitchen eating your leftovers in the dark

wts lfb exo ph EXO assorted fanmade merch Stickers, Pin and Keyring Set! - kaisoo deco sticker sheet - ot9 exo names die cut stickers - kyungsoo military tag and keyring - exo as foods pin - chen official stamp (never been used) 🌟 PHP 380 rfs : decluttering

Distribution of Food Kit to Specially Challenged children by Divisional Manager during Poshan Maah.

Omurice is in the top 10 sexiest foods ong

Y’all. You can be broke and still have choice. The choices may be limited, but it’s a choice. “We have noodles, peanut butter and jelly, or leftover spaghetti, which would you like to eat? Once you choose,that’s it because our money is limited right now and we can’t waste food

When you start gym and want to keep urself fit , Fast foods be like :

FOOD // threemilk - tumblr

I can't really believe that defunding the police is still a controversial topic. People are going hungry and police throwing away food. People are losing their housing and police and violently evicting them. People are being killed by cops and their budgets are still increasing.

Kisan Mazdoor Ekta jindabaad No Farmer No Food Save Farmer Save Nation Tweet Retweet share spread

Gurudev Ramlalji Siyag Siddhyog is an amazing science which lead towords spiritual awakening practicing makes us able to listen to the messages of your body, recognising what food our body wants, as well as appreciating when we feel hungry and become full

in naturally,my weight has rebounded so i was disappointed.on this day,i went to sushi restaurant and ate lop luxury course foods and also are convenience store salads and vanilla ice cream