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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Your smile makes my day bright. Continue smiling. It looks good on you. 🤗❤️

This ending shot of them just smiling actually has a very deep meaning, the lyrics goes "gone away, i think my love for you is gone" the smile indicates that they finally chose to let go even if it hurts that as time goes by, the love fades away and will just remain as a memory.

Extremely disappointed on the abrupt postponement of the series, which could have brought the smiles back for millions of Pakistan Cricket Fans. I've full trust in the capabilities and credibility of our security agencies. They are our pride and always will be! Pakistan Zindabad!

there’s nothing better than seeing mingi smile this big ☹️❤️

Look at his big smile, I can hear his laugh from here🤣

That Miyaken soft smile when Masaki stumbled uwu

seonghwa's smile can light up the whole world

Ok but the way yeosang just made soobin smile so much sjsj ~ YEOSANG YOURE TOO PRECIOUS !!

same smiles taken by the same person.

his smile 😂 he really is so proud, what a successful day 🥰

oh she looks gorgeous and her smile at the end??? the cutest yerimieeee

I'm obsessed with that Charming Smile and Adorable Face 😍💕

— • พิธีกรรายการวันนี้น่ารักมากข้ะ 🤲🏻💗 “ happy 2nd, wishing you all be happy and have a smile ear to ear, luv u 🤍 “ : ⚡️

Gulf.. Your smile is so big. It's glad to see you look happier than before🥺❤ Thank you Hazard🥺❤

Everyone today be like... (🎨 by )

I did it, I made Eileen Smile and happy looking so proud of improvement qwq

give me one smile please. taehyun look at me!! THIS ISNT YOU!! SMILE PLEASE JUST SMILE