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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Gwen Stacy ( Emma Stone) at The Amazing Spider-man (2012)🦋

BTC = 1000$ (its crazy to buy) BTC = 10,000$ (its reckless to buy) BTC = 100,000$(you are amazing to buy) That's the process and it depends on personal vision. I will tell you the story of DGH in 2022. ⚔️Round 1 🚀Price: 20.000DGH = 0.01BNB 🔥Ends in 1 days

[🪐💬] 210926 🧡 hongjoong 🪐 pm 🐿️: "today as well , I'll done the stage well 🔥🔥" 🐿️: "im on stand by !!" 🐿️: "ah 'amazing saturday' yesterday was fun" 🐿️: "while waiting (us) , if you can watch it , watch it ㅋㅋㅎ"

Kicking cars out of cities would be: Good for business Good for people Amazing for the planet It's time we reimagined the modern American metropolis. (From 2020)

Lisa looks absolutely amazing with pigtails 😍

This is the true spirit of Melbourne….this wonderful couple in our neighbourhood cooked delish pizzas in their pizza oven today, for free and for the whole community (and for the third time) to bring cheer during lockdown. All covid safe. Amazing! 🌺

Absolutely heart touching and amazing show I love this so very very much

“I thought you were going to be awful”, so did I!😱 On day 1 of filming 6 weeks ago I felt so uncomfortable, if the door had been open, I would have legged it 😂 It’s been amazing to work with & I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for all the support 🕺🏼💃🏼

"SIVAANGI THE ANCHOR"🎤🥳 first of all i'm super proud of u my queen👸🏻🥺 you did a amazing job by anchoring the show in your own way chellama❤💥we really loved it ,especially muthu anna oru joke solunga has my heart❣my cutie keep slaying♥😎

GOD pour your favor on this amazing Community. 🙏🏾

seo youngeun is only 16 years old yet her skills are already so good. a strong dancer and rapper, an amazing vocalist and she has that stage presence that completes the package. have we seen her slack off? never. she deserves to debut.

Speed seems amazing today. We will do 1M today insha Allah. Don't stop before 1M. SHER PRATIK IN BB15

Here's is an amazing view of the beach of the Strip.

Amazing how taking their time to provide us great teams!! Take a rest managers ✨ Good Rest is just as important as hardwork!! 🤍🤍

Custom order for some face masks by Manã's Creations Brilliant business creating many amazing items. Just take a look at their shop.

Amazing fight and shows how great Volkanovski really is and how durable Ortega is. I hope the hate stops now. The guy is amazing

I have a bunch of amazing female friends, but I see alot of babes who are shitty people to be friends with cos they think you want to have sex with them and they use this guise to leech you. Forever asking for favours and never adding any single value

My weekend got better!! Just watched what an amazing movie.! you nailed it.!!!

This off-get off work life is really amazing

My mini me 🥺❤️ growing into a better person just for you