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Long ass day but food makes everything better! Tomorrow we go again!😇

With the UK facing a food and petrol shortages, former Brexit Party MEP admits that Brexit has made it worse, but insists that the IDEA of Brexit is still good.

New York City moves to improve life for food delivery workers

🚨 | BREAKING: Today in Britain • Petrol stations closing • Climate Protestors blocking access to a key port • Food shortages, UK asking Brazil for food • Lorry driver shortage threatening Christmas • Energy chaos • E gates at airports broken

Why is a Haitian with bags of Chinese food to go trying to get in America. Maybe that border dude wanted his food.

Shortages of food, petrol & medicine. Brexit is a complete shambles. We tried....

Now is not the time to spend billions of dollars to bolster our defense budget while millions of Americans remain housing and food insecure. We should be investing in the American people, not in weapons manufacturers. That’s why Rep. Omar voted NO on the $760B Pentagon budget.

BREAKING: EVCL Chill, a specialist food delivery company which was responsible for delivering 10,000 pallets of food and drink a day to Sainsbury's and Asda, has gone into administration.

Let's crown the ULTIMATE Item. Next week, we're putting the nearly 50 McDonald's menu items on the bracket and letting you vote right here on Twitter to crown the Ultimate McDonald's food. A bracket a day Monday - Thursday. Semis and Finals Friday. I'm lovin' it.

nurturing your body looks like: - drinking more water - getting more quality sleep - finding movement you love - eating less processed foods - adding more green vegetables - developing a spiritual practice - experimenting with whole grains - finding fulfilling work that you love

Endeavor trying to coax Tenko into eating more (and not total garbage) foods by inviting him to dinner at his estate. This was one of those "oh this won't take long" and then I got carried away, sketches. [Shiggy-Endeavor Agency AU]

A popular food street that can't be hidden

A food street that everyone must visit

Latest case: John is 78 married, she is 75. Vietnam Era vet served in Korea for 12 months 29 days as Recon. Lost buddy/ translator in his squad. Going to lose their home, lights are going to be disconnected, water disconnected, they have limited food have no idea how to get help.

These are some of the meds and tests my mom and i need to get done asap (it's all in spanish) I cant afford any of this ;;; I barely pay rent and food ... Pls rt or donate if you can it doesn't have to be much and I'm sorry to be doing this again

This people want to make our food expensive. They want to cash out on Jollof Rice.

The cause of our food and petrol shortages is Brexit – yet no one dares name it | Jonathan Freedland

PM Boris Johnson asked for ‘emergency’ food deal, claims Brazil's PM. UK govt a beg bread under the quiet but assuring public that all is well?