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Jessica William

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Girls Planet 999 - O.O.O (Kcon Ver.) 1/2

Angel: wen I say real hot girl shit u people will say period while am leaving. Emmanuel: wen I say eweee u people will say eweee Saskay: wen I say queen of bad bitches u people will say yeeeeah Did ones don’t know we r having chest pain on der behalf out here.

[210919] 🐹💭 10:22 PM “My friend came over to my house” “We sleep together” “She looked at my closet and got surprised at my skirt” “Confucian girl... Is it a skirt that people can wear” “y/n there’s at least one confucian friend right??”

i love her lack of energy, go girl give us nothing!!

Yes i be your woman Yes i be your baby Yes i be your girl Please I can’t😂

Angel’s mood just calmed my nerves.The impact this girl has on me…

the golden girl’s birthday party 🌟✨ (thrown by her hubby Draco of course)

Girls Planet 999 O.O.O Performance part 1

as maiores do girls planet

this is sick all the girls with oneshots are most likely to survive eliminations so tell me why hyewon (and myah??) are the only nugus with oneshots

From getting excited over a call by siva anna as a fan girl to acting with him and being his own little sister.😭 So proud,So proud of my girl right here.✨🦋♥️ Already cant wait for DON,Chellama💥

Four civilians, including a 9/m old baby and 15 yr old girl were injured during Tatamadaw's indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighborhoods in Thangtlang Town, which burned one house to the ground on Sep10.

P5 OST cover (girls ver.)

Rock It, Girl!!

Royal Girls👑 || Black Clover ch. 40 Color Page

han zhi doing ✨hot girl shits✨