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Jessica William

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Mini vacances 5 jours Le luxe de se baigner encore mi-octobre De parcourir St Tropez et d'autres villes en 🛴 Entre la street food et les restaurants Merci aux 35h et RTT, merci au TGV

Mükemmel Kahvaltılık 😋 Malzemeler: 3 yk zeytinyağ 1 yk Tereyağ 5 adet Soğan 3 adet yumurta 1 tk domates salçası 6 yk domates püresi Yeterince rendelenmiş kaşar peyniri Pul biber, tuz

My Italian spin on French Onion Soup w/ Fontina & Thyme RECIPE:

Jun calling Mingyu and Dino in his latest vlog🥺💘 he showed the food he's eating

"i dont like spicy foods" 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

Jun went to eat luosifen and he sent pictures to SEVENTEEN’s groupchat. Mingyu and Dino then called him and Jun showed him the things he ordered! Jun said “as expected, the best way to lure them is by food

Sinb to Yerin💜🐱 Haena..Let's eat a lot of delicious food now

jun took photos of the food and sent it to svt immediately, then vid called mingyu and dino and showed them the food 😭🐱: sure enough, using food to tempt them is the best method 🤣🤣🤣

cute 🥺 Jun called Mingyu to show him his food then Dino also appeared in the call!! It's similar to the one they had in in the soop 🐶 that looks yummy ~~~

today’s food support 🍣🍱

so ateez had a space & didnt talk much abt their anniv.. just food, butts, hwa getting rejected??? 😭

🚫 Many believe 'Veggie Straws' the snack are very healthy. Just the Opposite. Veggie straws are a deep-fried inflammatory snack made primarily from potato starch, potato flour, and a combination of inflammatory vegetable oils. They are a refined, processed food.

Eunkwang’s expression tho. Hahaha. The staff do prepare lots of food for Eunkwang.🤣

Alhamdulillah, we’re blessed with these HALAL foods. 😍

✦ 20 WELKIN GIVEAWAY ✦ DAY 14 ⟡ 1 winner rules: → retweet & like! → must be following , , & → will be using rt picker & manual checking → ends in 24hrs ⏳ challenge: Reply with the food you cook the most in genshin.

Cheese is the most shoplifted food in the world

Feeling fancy, might go to a supermarket with pictures of truffles instead of food, rather than the one with pictures of carrots instead of food

🐿: I want to go Ampang & I want to go Ampang Point . I want to eat Roti Canai, roti tisu & I want to eat some a lot foods and meet my old friends🥰 Han please come back home🇲🇾 soon! "Dulu lapar tapi sekarang dah kenyang " ayy cant wait for it🤣

To you Mr President Acholi has sent you a goat, chicken and food. Humbled by the reception of the people of Acholi.

GAJUWAKA (997 Darling Youth) Food donations

Job Title: Political Editor Candidate Requirements: Must support - ▪️ Shooting & burning 150,000 pigs ▪️Food and drink shortages ▪️ Going against every UK medical body ▪️ Constitutional break up of the UK ▪️ Constantly renegotiating a 'done deal'

🚨Voting Attack🚨 reply to this tweet with “I vote ” x10 each with a different favourite food! Goal: 100 reply’s and rt’s