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Jessica William

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toxic hater have -99% humanity.. that 1% just to hold they appearance to be called a 'human'

"its hard to concentrate to the dance if the artist this good looking" Yea, that why STAY watching it LOTS of time. Fighting, stream Hyunjin AOTM !

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if you think you're Hyunjin's biggest fan, you're wrong. It's Bang Chan and I.N

For safety purposes, Lee Know has not moved an inch after Ryan Reynolds commented "Red Light" on his latest Instagram post. The General Public hopes he can comment "Green Light" soon so our pro-idol can move and proceed with his day.

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Close : getting to know each other , love occur Wish you back : You want them to be back again HaPpY : You already wished their happiness ,you think you moved on already Call: the thing is you haven't still moved on , and still want their feelings back to you. Han jisung ๐Ÿ˜ญ

bang chanโ€™s beauty has no limits

kim seungmin didn't just check me out through a screen

remember the time where these two used to hate each other and then hyunjin rolled his eyes at han after listening to his comment; our rap well dance well duo ๐Ÿคฃ