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Jessica William

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My new piece comparing the climate playbooks for fossil fuel & meat and dairy companies. The U.S. pledge to the Paris agreement makes just one reference to “farm animals,” and not a single reference to “meat.” It is time to ask why.

The Koch brothers still own a lot of real estate, but their best investment may be the Manchin they bought in West Virginia.

Deeply appreciate being part of an episode of , a radio show/podcast I have admired for ages. Was especially cool that they included the voice of from the Rime of the Last Fisherman scenario and that also contributed.

Global leaders urgently need to protect Antarctica! What does the future of Antarctic protection require? Join ASOC and distinguished guests , , and in an online discussion on 7 October. Register here:

Yes! Risk factors for disappearing in the Anthro­pocene include: “a small geographic range (the mammoth’s habitat continually shrinks as the tundra warms), low reproductive rates (the mammoth is not a fast breeder), and large body size (repeat: mammoth).”

!!New preprint!! We have to stop saying humans are not designed to solve the . Forthcoming in Perspectives on Psychological Science, with -

Excellent reporting by on the spate of lawsuits against labels (some led by ). The claim this could have a “chilling effect on free speech” is classic. I agree with/am the person who says the state of labeling is “pathetic.”

Earthlings (sound up 🔈)

Green spaces are sacred spaces in Manhattan; cut carbon without cutting down fig trees; stop the rezone and save

"[IPCC Report] is the definitive word on climate science" | Great response by to the 's disinformational hit piece on the recent UN Climate report:

. great reporting on a poorly understood and underappreciated topic of fish welfare. And of course welfare is not just about pain. For more on the history of the fish pain debate (and the anglers who dispute that fish feel pain), see:

Philosophers who think about wild animal suffering often focus on predation, but I believe our thought and moral obligations should orient toward suffering due to anthropogenic impacts. Salmon injured by unlivable water temperatures:

Or, since this bluewashing has gone on for more than 15 years now, it’s time for a whole new approach…

Is anyone able to find the names or any identifiers of these five trawlers? I'm sure it's out there, but I haven't had any luck yet!

“Tobacco didn’t challenge the existence of lung cancer, but they kept denying and deflecting the causal link [with smoking] – and that’s what we’re seeing with beef and dairy,”

.. But "cuttlefish as model organism" plans always make me nervous. [2/2]

Right, . It would be good if attention to the quirky complexity of cuttlefish jet-propelled them out of the category of animals routinely subject to invasive experiments. The Montague work in that piece does not look too problematic. But .. [1/2]

"If she can develop CRISPR tools for cuttlefish, it could be the beginning of a new chapter for these cephalopods in science." Surely cuttlefish are thrilled about this new chapter.