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Jessica William

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the healthiest and the most beautiful couple award goes to sikhye. NOBODY COMES CLOSE TO THEM 🥺✨

nothing better than to see two people who are in love get married. their journey was so wholesome, from the beginning to the end. they had the most healthiest relationship, didn't break up but instead gave each other space and time.

thank you homcha writer/director and the whole team for blessing us with this beautiful pairing. this drama will always remain special to all of us, it gave us so much to cherish forever. DUSHIK AND HYEJIN MY BELOVEDS.

homcha has ended. this was such a beautiful scene, married sikhye running towards happiness. they were always meant to be, one of the most wholesome endings over. 🥺🤍 LA LA LA ROMANTIC SUNDAY INDEED!

when a man sees his bride and tears come in his eyes. GOSH THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL I WILL NEVER SHUTUP ABOUT IT 😭😭😭

them riding the bicycle so freely and happily, dushik's smile brought tears to my eyes. he finally overcome his trauma, his struggles with the love of his life. WHOLESOME. 💗

i envy hyejin. imagine waking up to someone like dushik and then him bringing you morning breakfast. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM.

it all started with the shoes, it brought them together. please i love these details so much 🥺❤ it adds so much value to the story.

i'm still here always, by your side. 🤍 I WANT WHAT THEY HAVE

dushik wanted to propose first but hyejin ended up doing so and look at his disappointed face lmao HE IS SO EXTRA BABY DUSHIK 😆💜

it's the way dushik looks at hyejin with so much love. @ GOD WHERE IS MY DUSHIK 😭😭

the best male lead and the best second male lead.

ijun being brave and declaring his love for bora in the cutest way 😂💛

hyejin being clingy to dushik 🥺🤍 please she really can't let him go even for a second. SO IN LOVE