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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

i forgot I STILL we were LOVE YOU broken up YOU STUPID FUCK

I love putting tape all over my titties and calling it a shirt lol

NASHVILLE TONIGHT! At the High Watt! sold out! Set times below …. 🔥🔥

Our show at Sinclair is sold out so this is one of your only ways to get a ticket right now 😘

protecting the good foot 🥺

how could you NOT listen to a band called mannequin pussy

anybody need 2 tickets to mannequin pussy for tomorrow in Nashville? :)

Hello! A video I made for baryshnikov Art Center is out now. It’s haha, it’s lalalaaa, and other stuff. Go see it! It’s up u til November 1st. :,) I’ll put the link in comments

anyone need 4 tickets to 10/28 show @ wburg hall of music? Selling for price paid ($28.95)

Anybody want 2 in Nashville tix? is gonna have to hang in the hospital for a bit so we can’t go. Holla at ya boi

SHOWS THIS WEEK WITH & - most of these are sold out but OHIO y’all have ~plenty~ of tickets left so come through. Hamden, CT - low ticket warning like 50 left or something

Anyone have an extra ticket or two for the Sinclair I could buy off ya?

I will say Amber Tamblyn is pretty fuckin amazing in this and while I know the show got cancelled - if they find another network to pick up the second season, I’ll be waiting for their call to make it enjoyable and true to the source material

Actually the style is fine - it’s mostly the pacing. The comic read like an incredible action movie with emotions and heart and humor and the tv show is more like a slow paced melodrama that has moments that make you go YES but mostly feel bored

As a HUGE fan of the Y: The Last Man comics …. The show just …. I want to love it so much but the pacing is so off, the style is off. I should have directed this show …

Got to interview Missy from about falling in a pothole, the bored white dudes who ruled 2010's Billboard charts, and the power of pop music.

As of yesterday tomorrow’s show at Aisle 5 in Atlanta has 12 tickets left sooooo 😘😘😘😘