Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Moving twitter accounts as theres too much going on on this one and its become overwhelming for me~

Best emulators for ps2, 3, and 4?? I just got my disc drive in the mail and wanna play my ps2 games and stuff on stream~

I just got mine back from him and its pretty pog 🥺 Milka's work is always amazing 💖💖

i want dinosaur oatmeal 🥺🥺

Finished lineless chibi for !!

I debut this Friday! I’m internally screaming at all time now (:

Killing boyz, brb👄🔥

favorite AC villager vs ur vtuber ik hes so different from me but I love him 😭😭 sleepy idiots r my type

companies out here speed running human extinction

Considering the state of my mental health and the fact that I may be working full-time soon, I'm going to be limiting my streams to doing 1-2 long streams a week, not counting occasional collabs or special event streams. Schedule coming soon~

//vent// I'm feeling so depressed and burnt out, I'm so tired all the time and I feel like a shell 🥴 being alive is a constant struggle

Vtubers! I have a tool that will make you and artist’s lives a lot easier. is a website that allows you to make profiles to keep reference images, character info, and even create a color palette for easy color picking. More people need to know of this!


Gonna make a couple more for the friends I play this with often, then maybe will open comms for them idek

Finished my Monster Prom PNGs for streams! Threw em in with my favorite monsters to see how well I matched the style and I think I did well (":

i cannot get into it lol

Starting Sweet Home~

I am relieved but I still don't know why I'm so sick (":