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Jessica William

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People need to see this

Even tho that was not the case, boruto era kakshi is stated to be stronger than war arc kakashi. The same mf boxing w Obito the same mf that was beating kcm1 naruto.

current sage mode naruto is still washing the other 4 kage. yall are BUGGING acting like he's "Pain level"

Well That took a dark turn

If this happens then I’ll admit that Boruto’s power scaling is nonsense bc fused momo should be fodder to jigen yet incomplete vessel boruto is on his level? Nah days bs

Ikimoto snapped in the fight scene but the chapter as a whole was mid(art wise)

Nah ikemoto wtf is this you making pop figure or something

Boruto's character Development was showin all chapter. Better Shinobi & Better Man 😁

Few days ago I said Ikimoto had improved and he has on his fighting choreography but mayne wtf is this😂😂😂

Honestly rate yourself: Appearance: 7-8/10 Creativity: 9.5/10 Mental Health: 7/10 Empathy: 9/10 Humor: 8/10 Patience: 0/10 Social skills: 6/10 Honesty: 6/10


Mayne who tf drew this😭😭

Just finished Bleach, and I gotta say.. this shit was an utter masterpiece. Everything about it, the characters, the peaks, the fights, the art, everything about it was just amazing to me. This shit was just mind blowing how good it was. My new top 1 now

Is it just me or does this shit get faster

Just look at these 2 niggas bruh

Zaheer is Meli from the future (THREAD)

2 best players in the world if you think otherwise you’re wrong

No way the called Darkseid misogynistic, this mans the exact opposite. Mf be simping left right and center, defending women with his life on this app etc. Wtf is that nigga on😂😂😂