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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

My piping bag set arrived today, not exactly the one recommended, because the shipping time was not till later in November, but very similar. Hopefully will do for duchess potatoes. And maybe my new career in cake decorating. 🤣

My dad used to tell a story about how a lady of ill repute in our small rural area said to my uncle... "Herven, come up some night when it's nice and dark." To which he replied "it'll be damn good and dark then" I get my smart mouth honestly. And yes, his name was Herven.

I don't want your body But I hate to think about you with somebody else Our love has gone cold You're intertwining your soul with somebody else

Does it mean I'm getting even older that I ordered some Christmas Cards to send? Used a couple of my own photos tho.

While waiting for my flu shot at Shoppers on the corner of the Bedford highway and Hammond's plains this afternoon, the most beautiful woman in the world walked past into the back room.

Ow - No more vaccines for me! She hurt me with the needle! (Flu Shot)

Some day - I may sip a glass of water. Maybe. Possibly. Oh well, there goes another 355ml in one gulp.

I like vaccines so much I'm going to get my flu shot after work.

Found some at Walmart. Not sure it's exactly the same as what I remember, but it'll do

I was trying to find a pair of GWG jeans on ebay earlier lol. They're there, just not in my size

Hi would you happen to have any glace mixed fruit?

Odd question. Anyone have any glace mixed fruit? Can't seem to find any in stock at stores. Only need a cup

This afternoon was bad. Felt like everything was failing in on me. Was very overcome and overwhelmed and not sure what triggered it. Still have adrenaline going

The Lumineers - BRIGHTSIDE (Lyrics) via

Ugh - Somone turned on the lights. Offices have way too much lighting. Why do we need it there, but we never use that much at home?

I just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to separate two coffee filters. Happy Monday!

Things I never thought I'd say in a store... Are you still sold out of candied mixed fruit for fruit cakes?

A disorganized ghost doesn't have it's sheet together. I'll see myself out.

Hmmm maybe I should have put cayenne pepper in the spice cake. Or garlic powder. ;)