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jiminie looks like the cuddliest warmest lil boba ball bf :(

a whole cultural reset 🔥

sowoozoo jimin is one for the history textbooks! so iconic *dreamy sigh*

After returning house…🏡

jimin's voice is so beautifully unique, it stands out even among dozens of other idols. His unique vocal tone is strong and full of emotion!

jimin's verse in arirang is the perfect example his beautiful lower register and the higher pitch jimin's voice is so bright, it always stands out at the top

park jimin is poetry in motion

📝 JIMIN'S Naver Articles 10.21.21 3PM KST Click 😍 Recommend & Share 1. 2. 3. 4. Please make sure to engage with all the articles 🙏

Everything is taken out of context to fit certain narratives so PLEASE do not engage with the account and just report and block. I am begging you to not blow this out of proportion because it'll get worse that way!!

[UCC] BTS' Jimin's self-written, composed, and produced song 'Friends' is played during an entire scene in the upcoming Marvel movie, 'Eternals'

just wondering what all has been kept from him till now, maybe potential solo offers and deal too :( this is all so very confusing and frustrating

haven't gotten the chance to watch the live since I was busy with an exam today, but tbh feeling really saddened from what I'm seeing on the tl j.m should've been the first to know about this since it's a Huge deal & I hope this doesn't mean that he won't get the royalties for it

Reacting to my bias dancing…obviously Jimin! 😝

“Jimin has never released anything that’s less than iconic”—The Ringer. Park Jimin has had the most organic growth in terms of popularity and impact. And has grown to a level of success that the kpop industry has never seen before and probably never will

Park Jimin is the youngest person in South Korea's history to have three national awards and be part of the special presidential envoy for a reason. His music and dance is just that impactful. He is literally ruling all media platforms.

BTS gets name-dropped in and 'Friends' opens up a scene and a significant portion of it is played for the entirety of that scene!! THAT'S THE JIMIN IMPACT YA'LL LYRICIST, COMPOSER AND PRODUCER JIMIN DID THIS 🥳 cr: gretchen_smail

I've seen the thing and it's true, BTS is mentioned in and "Friends" opens up a scene 🥲

jimin looked like such a dainty lil doll with his wavy blond hair and chanel sweater god he's so beautiful