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Jessica William

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love her mirror selfies sm

her konglish and the scream😭😭😭

wala bang aso’t pusa sa korea para patahulin/pameowin nila ung mga idols …

shes so done w ppl asking her what animals sounds like …. the bark gave me a heart attack

oomf said rj is calling us ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ bc she will perform baby by jb for her aotm …

its so ridiculous how chaeryeong isnt a lead vocalist and i will always stand by it

yk its the best itzy bridges when its chaerlia

my autumn girl, lee chaeryeong

“didnt i tell you to stop buying ryujin’s pcs? is being a beggar your dream?” then stop posing and pouting like u wanna attract me …

and its very rare for her to wear hoodies, shes saur cute😞

i rly love it when its autumn bc chaeryeong dresses up like this

yuna’s full weekly idol girl group dance cover medley with the embedded link! get her to 1m on youtube!!